Rudest Parents Ever

So all it took was one weekend in the Hamptons to make me realize one thing. I now get annoyed by ignorant parents who bring their babies out past 9:30 pm to a restaurant and expect that they’ll behave.
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure at some point in my life I’ve dragged my kids to one of our favorite eateries when they would have rather been sleeping and I’m sure back in the day, they probably melted down. I also vaguely recall sitting next to an elderly couple who let out audible sighs of disgust as they watched our kids whine and spill their drinks on the table, but at the time, we just didn’t care. We just wanted to be out and about like the good old days and if my daughter was standing on top of her chair and singing her ABC’s, we just thought it was cute and went on with our meal.
Well, this Saturday, I awoke from my baby induced trance and and what I’ve come to discover is that parents with really young kids can be really rude when they take them out passed the witching hour. Now, it wasn’t as if we were in a fine dining establishment but the decibel level was way above normal and the ratio of young kids to adults was at least 2 to 1. As I waited for my slice of pizza to arrive, I noticed a three year old and her infant brother who was wailing in his car seat on a table top. Next to them was another three year old and a toddler whose parents were attempting to keep him pre-occupied with a cell phone. As the child became bored with the BlackBerry, he began lunging over the table while his dad attempted to have a conversation with another table that was entertaining an antsy one year old and his cranky older sister.
As the whining and crying intensified, we suddenly heard a loud crash. It appeared that one of the dads accidentally dropped his beer glass in the middle of the floor where three restless toddlers were angling to go AWOL. And as one of the wait staff rushed over with a broom, the parents finally realized that this might be their cue to hit the road. As I watched kids being strapped into expensive strollers and one mom adjusting her mini dress and stilettos before she wheeled her baby outside (whatever happened to mom jeans anyway), I couldn’t help but think that this new breed of parents could care less if they are disrupting an entire roomful of restaurant patrons. I guess I shouldn’t be judgemental because at one point in time I probably pissed off some diners too but now that my kids are older, I have seen the light. After 9 pm, babies and toddlers belong in their beds. And if you can’t find a sitter, do all of us a favor…order takeout and have your beer at home.