Check Out Snacker Tracker!

chartsmall.jpgToday’s shout out goes to a fabulous concept and website called SnackerTracker ®. The company is dedicated to educating children and their parents about the benefits of eating right and exercising and they created the only nutritional tracking system specifically designed with kids in mind. It starts at age 2 when critical eating habits are being formed.
The SnackerTracker ® Nutritional Tracking System comes with a SnackerTracker magnet that sticks to your refrigerator, the SnackerTracker Nutritional Guide that provides parents with detailed information about the nutritional needs of children at each stage of development and a dry erase marker that sticks to the refrigerator for easy tracking.
The SnackerTracker ® enables kids to track their food and exercise choices daily, while the Nutritional Guide takes the guess work out of nutrition for parents. So Click Here to visit and purchase your kit today!