Casualty of Shopping

Thank goodness we did not hit any beaches this weekend. I did what I wanted to do – pedicure, shopping, saw Mamma Mia and finished Sophia Kinsella’s delicious new novel, Remember Me and bought a karaoke microphone (that my daughter hates because she doesn’t know any of the songs). Yes, selfishly, I did what I wanted to do on Saturday and Sunday. Imagine that? And I guess because I did indulge in a few guilty pleasures, somebody was watching and got me back good.
While my DH and son were at a birthday party, I took my daughter shopping at one of my favorite retailers…Tar-jay. Since I didn’t feel like going to supermarket, I loaded up on a few staple items for the kids and then we hit the girls’ bathing suit aisle. Within minutes the cart was loaded with discounted bathing suits and pajamas and when I turned around to pick up a few more things for my son, I wasn’t paying attention and inadvertently scraped my toe on a metal clothes rack. As I cringed in pain, my daughter realized that my toe was bleeding. But it wasn’t just a few droplets of blood – oh no, it was starting to gush – and I had no tissues or band aids in sight. As we raced over to the pharmacy section and I grabbed a box of bandages, the helpful man at the pharmacy counter actually gave me a few free band aids and even came out with a first aid kit to treat my foot (gotta love those Target employees – do you think you’d ever get that service at Home Depot? I think not).
Anyway, after my pedicure was ruined, I hobbled out of the store with all my purchases and was secretly looking forward to trying out the new karaoke microphone I bought for the kids (and myself). Little did I know that the songs on the damn thing stink and I can’t even keep up with the tunes and sound pretty lousy too – what a letdown. So much for an overly indulgent weekend – it always seems that whenever I try to do something for me, I pay the price. Guess I’ll lay off the shopping for a while…or at least until next weekend!