My Maternity Leave Fantasy

A good friend of mine is about to give birth to her third child and as she prepares to take a four month maternity leave and is armed with a fabulous nanny to help out while she’s home, I started to think about what it would be like to take a four month break from work – without the giving birth to a baby part.
If someone magically granted me the wish of an extended vacation where I could take several months off with no demands on my time, I don’t know what I would do first. Well actually, I’d probably hit the nail salon first and get that mani pedi I’ve been putting off since Memorial Day weekend. From there, I’d start taking tennis lessons again and actually play every single week instead of once every six months when I sub in a 65 and older group that gets mad at me when I can’t return their slower than molasses moon balls. If I played more regularly, I’d actually be placed in a group my own age, imagine that?
If I had four months off, I’d take a creative writing class and attempt to write a novel, or maybe a Judy Blume-esque book for tweens. My vocabulary is way too common for the literary world (I crapped out on the SAT’s many decades ago), so maybe if I stuck with kiddy novels, I’d make a killing.
And then I’d take up singing again – I’d find a local theater troupe, audition and land a sizable role in a musical comedy.
In between rehearsals, I’d sign up for a cooking and art class at the local JCC. Not cooking and art together – cooking on one day, art another. Or maybe I’d take a wine tasting class – wait – that sounds way more enticing than making flambe any day of the week.
On my off days, I’d either strap on my roller blades or hop on my bicycle and listen to my favorite 80’s tunes on my iPhone which hasn’t been re-charged in 3 months since I bought my BlackBerry Curve.
I would take a 4 month moratorium from my computer, my emails, my cell phone and would live life like I used to – going through my day without being distracted by messages, requests and minutia.
I would plan a fabulous family vacation to the Mediterranean where we’d take a cruise to Greece, Italy, France and Spain.
I would hang out with friends and family I love and forget about the people who drive me nuts.
I would read at least a dozen books and host fun parties with the authors at my home.
I would finally relax.
And that my friends in the blogosphere, would be a snapshot of my dream life. I guess I should stop thinking about maternity leave and start planning my retirement instead!