A Chocolate Fountain, The Closer & Kyra Sedgwick

This summer, we’ve had a great time working with TBS and TNT to spread the word to moms about their terrific shows. Back in June, we got the chance to meet comic actors Bill Engvall and Tim Meadows at a private brunch for mom bloggers at Big Daddy’s in time for the premiere of “The Bill Engvall Show” and last week, we hosted a dessert lover’s dream when we threw a screening party for TNT’s “The Closer” featuring a guest appearance by Golden Globe award-winning actress Kyra Sedgwick.
Closer_D145c2-1.JPGWhile our partygoers enjoyed a chocolate fountain and caught a screening of the first episode, I introduced Kyra and after a slight technical glitch (microphone problems) she began answering everyone’s questions without missing a beat. Throughout the brief Q&A session, Kyra was brutally honest about her life as a mom, a wife and actress whose career is literally on fire (catch the first episode and you’ll see what I’m talking about).
While I stood off to the side and listened to Kyra tackle several hard hitting questions from our fabulous mom bloggers and VIP attendees, I realized that despite the Golden Globe, her 20 year marriage Kevin Bacon (I can now officially declare that I’m one degree away from him), her incredible body and great hair, she’s really just like one of us (sort of).
When asked if she had something of her own to confess, she admitted she always felt guilty when her kids were young and instructed moms to give up the guilt about working and raising a family. Secondly, after one mom called her husband, Kevin Bacon “dreamy” she admitted that she’s still very much in love and lust with him (duh, who wouldn’t be). She also talked about the difficulty of raising teens and spoke candidly about her addiction to exercising so that she could stay thin. Finally, when asked whether her daughter Sosie would follow in her footsteps, she recounted a story about how she and Kevin allowed their young daughter to appear in a movie they were both producing and starring in (even though they had a rule that they wouldn’t allow their kids to go into acting until they were 18). Sosie, who totally sounds like her mom (a tough cookie too) negotiated a 3 instead of 4 day work schedule so she wouldn’t miss too much school and playtime with friends and after the shoot was over, she decided acting was not her thing. Closer_D074b-1.JPG
Closer_D030b.JPGAll in all, it was a fabulous evening (even though I looked like a porker next to Kyra (“Hello, Jenny Craig, it’s me Beth again.”) I have to say, it was great to connect in person with all the writers, entrepreneurs, authors, corporate moms and friends who came out for the event and together, we’re all spreading the word to watch tonight’s premiere of The Closer. So if you are settling onto the sofa, grab a piece of chocolate, put the kids to bed, swipe the remote from your hubby and watch “The Closer” every Monday at 9 pm (ET).
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