Another Beach Weekend

I officially feel like a beach bum this summer. In a matter of 3 weeks, we’ve hit Block Island, the Hamptons and this weekend, we decided to take a weekend trip to Long Beach Island in Southern New Jersey. Our friends go out there every summer and when my girlfriend shot me an email on Friday inviting us to spend the weekend with them, I figured, we didn’t have any plans so why not find a hotel, pack a bag and hit the road again.
And so, after plunking down a deposit for a swanky hotel in LBI, we packed up the kids, got our neighbor to feed the cat and hit the road bright and early Saturday morning. And without fail, as we inched closer to Jersey and the traffic slowed to a crawl, we wound up doing what we do best in the Garden State. We got lost. Yes, we got lost – even with our faithful Garmin guiding the way, we still couldn’t find the house where our friends were staying. After shooting a few emails and then sending an emergency, “call us now” text message, we finally were directed to their beach house and within minutes, we were hitting the sand and surf.
While the kids ran to the waves, my husband followed them like a hawk and I settled into my chair lathering my arms, legs and face in sunscreen. Of course, I missed several spots, like my back, the side of my leg, my nose and the tops of my feet and am now paying the price of splotchy sunscreen application, but it wouldn’t be summer if I didn’t get scorched.
Back to the beach – the surf was incredibly rough and every time I watched the kids, my heart went into my stomach as crazy thoughts of them being pulled out to the ocean raced through my mind. They finally came out to look for shells, mermaid nails and dead jelly fish (lovely) and after a while, we all decided to pack it in, have lunch and then head to our hotel to check in.
For some bizarre reason, I automatically thought the hotel had a pool but unfortunately, I was mistaken. And so, we hit the beach again and while I reapplied the sunscreen yet again, I missed my back entirely. I guess I’m a masochist or just not too swift. Anyway, as the kids and my hubby hit the water again, I called my good friend whose 40th birthday I missed a few weeks back and we caught up on lost time.
As the tide came closer to our towels and my Vera Bradley bag (thank goodness DH snatched it up before the sea water hit my brand new knapsack), we decided to leave so we could hit the showers. But when we got to our room, the kids raced to the shower and were stunned to find that hardly any water was coming out of the spiggot. The water pressure was so bad they had to wash their feet in the sink. And then when I tried to take a turn, the water nearly shut off completely. We of course complained about the shower problems and luckily, they decided to lower our room rate due to the aggravation they caused us because we couldn’t take a relaxing shower…how dare they?
We then met our friends for dinner at the hotel restaurant (which was quite delish) and then hit Fantasy Island – a cheesy amusement park with just enough rides to keep the kids entertained for at least an hour.
Today, we hit the beach again, ate lunch, packed up and headed home. And of course, as we left New Jersey behind, we still got stuck in all our favorite places (by the GW bridge) and made it home in a little over 3 hours.
So what’s on the agenda next week? Who knows…I may want to stay home and take a break from the beach…then again, maybe I’m on my way to setting a world’s record – how many beach resorts can you see in one year. Either way, it’s not a shabby way to spend our summer vacation.