Why I Love My Daughter

A few weeks back I wrote about how my daughter received some crushing academic news when she didn’t get into a gifted program in her elementary school. While I stewed over the decision of school administrators (and am still quite ticked off to this day), she has bounced back and never missed a beat. She’s busily crocheting a blanket for my friend who is about to give birth any minute, attending evening birthday parties with her pals who aren’t off at sleepaway camp, and enjoying her first week of day camp with her little brother.
Which leads me to this post. You see, yesterday was “Crazy Hat Day” at camp and both kids decided to wear the Goofy hats we bought them at Disney last year. They’re both silly and were perfect for the special day, except when my 6 year old son arrived with his hat, his fellow kindergarten and first grade campers were not that nice to him. In fact, they didn’t call his hat silly, they called it “stupid.” My son told me the story after I had returned home from a Disney party (strange coincidence) and I just explained that kids could sometimes be mean and he shouldn’t pay them any mind. Of course, I started thinking about other things they could tease him about – like his herniated belly button which we haven’t fixed yet because I’m afraid to put him under anesthesia and all I kept thinking was how I hate when kids get mean.
And then my daughter came home from her evening party where she had dinner with friends and went to see “The Bee” movie at Kensico Dam in Westchester (what a life she has). As I was tucking her into bed, she retold the hat story and how the kids were mean to Dylan and I asked if she heard them say anything to him. Although she replied that she didn’t, she said her brother came over to tell her what happened and she walked over to the kids and warned them that if they teased her brother again they’d be in trouble – and trust me – you don’t want my daughter watching your every move! She then instructed her brother that if he needed her she’d be nearby and said that while her group was playing in the deep end of the pool, she stayed with him until his group moved on to another activity.
And that’s why I love my daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I love her more than anything even before I decided to share this story, but to see how compassionate and protective she is of her little brother even when I’m not around, made my eyes well up with tears. People tell me all the time that she is an old soul who looks out for others and frankly, I wholeheartedly agree. I have always sensed a glimpse of my grandma in her – from her masterful crochet work to always being on hand to help those in need, to her love of cooking and incredible sense of humor. At 9 years old, she is well on her way to becoming an incredible young lady and all I can say is I am so proud to be her mom.