You Scream, I Scream

Just arrived in Southampton and took the kids into town for our ritualistic visit to the park and the ice cream shop. But something strange has happened in the year that’s passed since we’ve strolled down main street. Out of nowhere, the neighborhood has become “shi shi.” In place of my favorite dress and furniture shops are galleries with enormous paintings that I would never buy in my lifetime. Not because the prices are out of the stratosphere, but because they’re just plain ugly.
Unfortunately, the town has become a haven for the uber wealthy, fashionistas and parents who no longer drive their kids in upscale minivans, but in bright red porsches. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sure everything is expensive in the la-la land of the Hamptons, but when they start gauging me at the ice cream counter, that’s when I have to draw the line.
While my daughter decided she was going to sample the ice cream from a brand new place in town, the rest of us chose to hit one of our favorite fudge shops that sells candy, ice cream and shakes. While my son ordered an oreo cookie shake, I opted for a cone with fat free heath bar crunch and then I glanced at the board to check the prices. Nearly $7 for the shake and close to $5 for the cone. Huh? I mean, I know there’s been an increase in milk prices and gas too, but when did inflation hit the ice cream parlor?
Not to be outdone, when my daughter went to try out the brand new Cold Stone Creamery copycat down the street, her cone was nearly 5 bucks too! So now, after spending nearly $20 for ice cream, my husband has decided we’re boycotting the Southampton ice cream stores and opting for the Stop & Shop brand instead. Where is the Good Humor man when you need him? I guess he can’t afford the gas.

Great Summer Reads

Despite the fact that I’m completely swamped, I’ve managed to carve out a few hours for some great summer reads. And if you have time, here’s a peak at the Role Mommy summer reading list. Some of the books I’ve already read, others are must reads that have been recommended by fellow Role Mommies who have no time for crappy reading material. So without further ado…our top 5 reads of the summer are:
26919604.jpg1. The Beach House by Jane Green. Let me just state for the record that the moment Jane Green releases a new book I snatch it up and read it within a weekend. Well, this time I read latest book in a day and a half! The Beach House is Green’s tenth novel and this is truly one of her best books in years. The characters in this book are so diverse and endearing that I was instantly hooked and couldn’t put it down. So if you’re looking for an ideal summer read that’s already made the New York Times bestseller list, then pick up a copy of The Beach House today!
2. Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner. I read this book while we were taking a mini vacation in Block Island and then finished on the way to the Hamptons (yes, I am such a jet setter). If you’re a Jennifer Weiner fan like me, then you’ll love this sequel to one of her best books ever, Good in Bed. This time Cannie is a mom whose daughter Joy is about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. What I loved about this book is that Weiner tells the story from the point of view of Cannie and her daughter so it’s possible for moms and daughters to enjoy this book together and there’s also a surprising twist at the end that threw me for a loop and had me shedding a few tears.
3. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Housseini – I’ve had this one sitting on my shelf for at least a year but according to my friend Sue, this is a must read – sure it’s several hundred pages but once you get into it, it’s worth the read. In fact, Sue says this book is better than Kite Runner – and that one was amazing so I guess I need to dust off the book cover and give this one another shot.
4. Holly Would Dream by Karen Quinn – from the author of The Ivy Chronicles comes a light hearted read about a young woman who seems to have it all – a fiance and a great job but in a momentary lapse in judgement, Holly throws her picture perfect life away to follow a tycoon to the mediterranean. So how, in the space of one day, does it all go wrong? With the eternal city of Rome as the backdrop, Holly’s adventures begin to resemble one of the 1950s Hollywood gems she so adores. Finally she must choose between her long-held fairy tale fantasy and a new, real-life dream with an ending she couldn’t possibly imagine.
5. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. Okay, so even though this book came out in February this year, I absolutely adore Sophie Kinsella and while this isn’t one of her Shopaholic books, I’ll take it because I love her humor, her snappy dialogue and her knack for crafting a compelling and light read that usually leaves me with a permanent smile across my face after I’ve read it. Now I haven’t read this one yet – gave it to my friend Sue to read first but she assures me she’s loving it so far and will be giving it back soon so I could swap with one of the books I’ve already read.
For more great summer reads, check out the New York Times bestseller’s list or watch the clip below from The Today Show. At least our #1 pick made the grade!!!

If you want to recommend a few more breezy reads, send them my way and we’ll add it to our growing summer book list!