The Summer Getaway

I’m so excited that school is finally over and we can take a few road trips this summer. There is nothing like living on the east coast this time of year. This weekend, we head to Block Island and then after that, we’re off to the Hamptons, then back to Westchester and finally to Delaware for a final trip before the kids go back to school.
But before we go, guess who is in charge of taking care of all our loose ends before we hit the pedal to the medal to catch our ferry tomorrow morning? Ummm, that would be yours truly. So as soon as I drop of my daughter at school this morning, my son and I will be racing to Gristides to pick up a huge bag of cat food so that my finicky feline doesn’t starve while we’re away. Then it’s off to the gas station to fix our minivan. Of course, that’s technically a man’s job but my husband is off at work and I’m the WAHM which means I work and multi-task at the same time. I’m hoping our trusty mechanic can fix my wheels today – otherwise, we’ll be driving to Rhode Island with our engine light on – a prescription for disaster if I ever saw one.
And speaking of prescriptions, I’ve also got to load up on sunscreen, pack everyone’s clothes, bring along towels, and find where I put my tennis racket – confession: I haven’t taken it out since last August. Then I’ve got to try on my clothes from last summer and get depressed because even though I lost some weight this winter on Jenny Craig, the moment I went off, I’ve gained more than half back. Ugh. I’ll be feeling really sexy this weekend in my bathing suit…not.
Hmmm, what am I missing? Oh, that would be paying bills, a bank and post office run, and let’s not forget the fact that I still have lots of ground to cover with my clients. Note to self – head to Verizon store so they can teach me how I can use my blackberry to make my computer go wireless while I’m away – yes I bought the service but have no clue how to use it. Oh, and if there’s time, I’m hitting BordersJane Green just came out with her latest book, The Beach House and I can’t wait to snatch it up and read it this weekend!
So with less than 24 hours to go, I’m heading into the pre-vacation mad dash. Hoping to get everything done in time before we start our four day getaway. Just think what would happen if we were taking a flight – no worries, I’ll share that preparation tale when the time comes.
Are you like me and do everything last minute before you head off on vacation? And…do you have any favorite summer vacation spots in the Northeast? Let me know because we still have several weekend getaways to plan!