Weight Watchers for Life!

WEIGHTWATCHERS_COOKBOOK_20071024_169.jpgI recently received a special treat from the folks at Weight Watchers that made my week.   My tasty goody bag contained a dining out guide listing thousands of restaurants where I could find WW friendly foods, a brand new recipe book and even samples of some of my favorite products like their new oatmeal raisin cookies, blueberry muffins and chocolate cake.  Getting hungry yet?  Well take a look at this mouthwatering dish…it’s a cheesecake that you can make that actually tastes delish and will only cost you a few points. 

While I admit to trying tons of diets throughout my life, the one plan I always come back to is Weight Watchers.  I happen to love their entrees – like lasagna, macaroni and cheese, santa fe rice and beans (yes I am partial to carbs) and their smart ones desserts are fabulous.  I recently found a brand new mint chocolate chip brownie sundae that I’m totally loving.  And I also like their lemon cake – kind of reminds me of a twinkie with a lemon twist.

The bottom line about Weight Watchers is that no matter what diet plan you try, this is the one that truly can fit into your lifestyle and even make you feel like you’re not dieting.  I’ve even ordered Weight Watchers approved foods at Applebees like their low point french onion soup.  So if convenience is your thing, then I say, join Weight Watchers – they’re meetings are great or if you don’t have time, you can do the whole program online.  And if you do join, tell them Role Mommy sent you – or better yet, they’ll probably remember me as Beth Stoller, the chubby fourth grader who first joined the program back in 1979!  

For more information, visit Weight Watchers today!