Have you found yourself reaching for your son’s bag of cheetos lately because you haven’t had time to pick something up for yourself? Well step away from the pantry and start reaching for some healthy food! We know it’s not easy…trust me, I’m having a chocolate craving right about now, but nutritionist, author and entrepreneur Keri Glassman, founder of KKG Body Fuel and KeriBar, offers Role Mommy readers her tried and true tips that will save yourself from sabotage when you’re snacking on the run:
Tips for Busy, On-The-Go Moms:
1) Starbucks made over! Make your Starbucks stop into a healthy meal: grab a skim latte, a yogurt (instead of the scone!) and add the nuts you have in your bag (pack about 10 almonds in Ziploc snack size bags).
2) Salad Boost! Give your quick grab and go salad a boost?you?ll need the energy later in the day and who wants to be starving when juggling the kids at 4:00 pm? Make sure to have a good source of protein (tuna, turkey, tofu or beans) and don?t forget you need the healthy fat (flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, avocado, olive oil or walnuts) to keep you satiated and don?t forget the fiber from added vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower even artichoke hearts.
3) Ice cream run! Instead of grabbing ice cream with your kids?bring a drinkable yogurt (Dannon Light and Fit or Stonyfield are good options) with you and enjoy this calcium rich snack on its own or pour over a cup of ice for a delicious almost-as-good-as ice cream treat!
4) Carpool/pick up munchies! When you are sitting waiting for school to let out or ballet class to end and your stomach is growling you better be prepared! Always store small bag of soy chips in your car or a bar in your baby bag/pocket book.
5) Breakfast glitch! Instead of grabbing a big bagel and cream cheese with your kids or being a ?saint? and getting the fat free (billion calorie!) muffin ask for a whole wheat bagel scooped out with a smear of peanut butter. Eat half and save the rest for later!
Healthy Snacks for Kids:
1) Apple fries! Take an apple and slice into tiny stick like pieces?it?s fun for the kids to eat and healthy too!
2) Bananas dressed up! Cut a banana up in pieces and dip in natural peanut butter.
3) Crackers with a flare! Take a few whole wheat crackers and put a piece of cheese in the middle?and make mini sandwiches!
4) Peas with a snap! Grab a handful of sugar snap peas and let your child dip them in a yogurt dip or homemade ranch dressing.
5) Hummus boats! Take a few celery stalks and cut in medium size pieces, fill with hummus and enjoy!
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