Tar-jay Oy Vey

Was in my favorite store today…Target (pronounced Tar-jay) and unfortunately, had a frightful experience. The store was great, cavernous, plenty of selection, prices just right, but it was the checkout counter that turned my stomach. You see, as the woman in front of me was about to swipe her credit card through the machine, the cashier decided to inspect her fingernails and then proceeded to scrape out the dirt from them while she was conducting the sale. Did she think that no one was looking at her? That’s almost as gross as picking a winner while you’re in the car stopped in traffic and you think no one’s paying attention. Here’s a tip to anyone in the service industry dealing with customers who are less than two feet away from you, if you wanna clean your nails on company time, then hit the bathroom or head out on your lunch break for a manicure. For nose pickers on the go…do it while you’re doing over 60 MPH…it’s hard to catch you in the act when you’re going that fast.