If you are a die-hard British chick-lit fan but also love a taste of American sensibilities, then Jane Green is the perfect author for you. This fabulous writer who penned the book JEMIMA J (my friend Jayna turned me on to that book and I loved it!) is a fabulous and fun writer who gets you right into the story with her great characters and storylines you could relate to. Who wouldn’t want to swap lives with someone who they think is living the life they’ve always wanted to live? Well, Swapping Lives does just that when a single Fashion editor at a British magazine trades places with a suburban Connecticut mom living a cushy life in a McMansion, with a doting husband, cute kids and a live-in nanny. I read this one in 24 hours. Give it a try…you won’t be disappointed! To purchase Swapping Lives Click Here or for more information about Jane Green and her latest books, visit her website at