I just finished reading this book and it’s hilarious. Okay, it’s not chick-lit, but if there were chick-lit written by guys, then this would fit perfectly into the category. In fact, let’s call it Kitsch-lit. This happens to be a true story that reads like fiction. The story of a 28 year old comedy writer who decides to try out early retirement and moves to Century Village, Florida. Rodney moves in with an eccentric widow, her two cats and parrot that mimics his signature phrase “Hey Man, What’s Up?” and his annoying alarm clock. During his six month stint at Century Village, Rodney joins every club imaginable, from Shuffleboard to the Red Hatters Club and comes across a cast of characters that every Jewish kid who has been to Florida can easily relate to. I won’t give anything else away, but this is a great read for young, old and anyone with a sense of humor. Click Here to buy now!