Picnic on My Jetta

So I finally gave up my mom car, a big boxy minivan and I’m now sporting a sleek black Jetta. I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s already morphing into a new version of the mom on wheels version I cast aside. The back seat is littered with toys, water bottles are everywhere, there’s scissors and tape for presents wrapped on the fly and bird poop that desperately needs to be washed off the side view mirror if only I had time to go to the car wash. Anyway, all this leads me to what happened to my cool little Jetta last night. We were walking back to our parking spot only to find a pair of teenage boys with their drinks and sandwiches spread out on the hood of my trunk. There were at least 50 cars on the block, but these two boneheads decided that my new Jetta was the perfect spot for a late night picnic.
While one of the kids apologized profusely for putting his gatorade on our car, my daughter looked at him and said “You know, that’s very rude!” Exactly what I was thinking…thank goodness for the moxie of a seven year old.
After this incident, I decided it’s time to take my Jetta for a car wash – I need to keep my cool car intact so that no one else mistakes it for a picnic table.