The Necklace

Want to know one way you can tell that you’re the parent or grandparent of a child who is going to day camp this summer? The beaded necklace. I thought I was the only one who has been wearing my four year old’s prized creation for me this week but suddenly I realized, I was not alone. When Dylan noticed I had sneakily slipped it back in my purse, he demanded I put in on and wear it out in public. And so I did, as we went for breakfast this morning at our local diner. While we dined on the omelette specials and the kids sipped their chocolate milk, I looked out by the counter and noticed an older woman wearing a necklace just like mine. And then, when I walked to the bathroom with my son, I was met by several knowing smiles. Yes, I’m sure all these moms have these necklaces at home, I just have a very insistant little man who won’t let me take it off. Long live the plastic beaded necklace…it goes with any outfit…as long as you have bright orange, yellow and hot pink in your wardrobe!