Confession #4 – Souvenier Insanity

Whenever I go away on business, I promise my kids I will get them a present for every day that I’m away. A one day trip is easy, and two days has even proven to be a breeze. But lately, I’ve had to go on really long trips that lasted 5, 7 even 10 days. To make matters more complicated, when I’m overseas and busy visiting clients I sometimes have little time to take a road trip and start stocking up on souveniers. So what does a busy, working mother do when she has no time…delegate, my friend, delegate. If I’m away 7 days and have to get 14 presents (yes 1 present a day for 2 kids = 14), my co-workers whip into action. While I’m scooping up gifts and keeping a close tally, any time someone sees something remotely kid-worthy, they grab it for me and help me cross those gifts off my list. One time on a trip to Asia, I had my entire staff in a tear searching for 5 remaining gifts before we left the country. While I never did make my quota, the kids never found out. Thankfully for me, it’s a good thing there are gift shops on the way out of airports too.