Confession #3 – The Boo Boo Bunny Mystery

Who knew boo boo bunny would be responsible for my breakdown. I’m a successful television producer. I’ve interviewed Academy award winners, world leaders, gone undercover and been under the gun to make the craziest deadlines ever known to man…not a problem. None of that phases me… Nope, it took a missing boo boo bunny to send me into a full blown panic attack. Boo boo bunny was a staple in my house when my daughter was a baby. By the time she hit four, boo boo bunny was long forgotten and had been MIA for quite some time….until she spotted him at her friend Ryan’s house during a playdate that is. The very next day, it was full on hysterics as she bonked herself and went looking for her long lost bunny friend. “Where or where is my boo boo bunny?” she moaned endlessly…my baby seemed absolutely broken hearted. Quick thinking mama that I am, explained that boo boo bunny was away at camp and would be returning just in time to pick her up from school. Not a problem, I thought..I’ll just stop at the store and pick one up before I head to school. Four stores and about six phone calls later..I learn the hard way that our special boo boo bunny friend is now discontinued. I’m in full blown eating, shaking panic mode at this point. After a quick trip to Ryan’s house (thankfully, his mom, Karen, is a great friend)…I borrow an old fashioned booboo bunny just in time to make it to school. I’ve also picked up three new boo boo bunnies which will take up permanant residence in our freezer. I tell my four year old that the old boo boo bunny is visiting for the day then he has to get back to camp but the new family will stay to keep us company. The old fashioned bunny will visit now and again of course…as long as my wonderful friend, Karen, allows me to borrow it on occasion. When her son notices that his boo boo bunny is missing, my friend simply explains that bunny’s away at camp.