What is a Role Mommy?

Here’s a simple experiment.

Invite a working mother to lunch. A business lunch of course because she’ll never find time to meet you on her personal time. Sit her down. Order a nice meal. Usually some sort of salad because she’s still trying to lose the baby weight. Next, ask her a question.

Ask her if she considers herself a role model.

Now, duck.

Duck because she will laugh so hard at your question that you’ll probably have to dodge the lettuce, grilled chicken and low cal vinaigrette that come flying out of her mouth and straight in your direction.

Ask any working mother if she is a role model and she will first laugh in your face then look at you as if you were absolutely insane.

No working mother will ever say that she is a role model. How could she be?? Between the job, the kids, the house and the husband…she’s barely keeping it together, let alone helping anyone else with their problems.

But the truth is, she is. Every working mother is a role model for other working mothers. She’s an inspiration, a source of advice, a springboard for ideas, a confidante to laugh with and a reality check to remind us that we are certainly not alone.

Who else could possibly understand what it feels like when you walk in from work, having just been given a huge promotion, nailed a big account and told how amazing, smart and creative you are. You walk in that door a corporate killer. You grab your child, euphoric, you lift them in victory. Then, just when you think life can’t get any better…your precious child pees on you. In your face, in your eyes, in your mouth, all over your DKNY kick ass pinstripe suit. Pee everywhere. The corporate queen returns home to the ultimate reality check.

That’s a role mommy moment.

Role Mommy.

What she is – a mother who works, that’s the easy part.

Who she is – well, that’s a little less black and white.

Is she Ann Taylor Loft or Target? Daycare or Au Pair? Buggaboo or Baby Bjorn? Jimmy Choo or J Crew? Own her home, work from home? Flex-time, part- time? PTA or MBA? Is she a single mom or step mom? Does she spank, time out or have a tantrum herself? Is she screamer or is she Zen? Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Kabala, Scientologist or Atheist? Sell Mary Kay or a self made mogul?

The answer is yes.

She is all of the above and then some.

She’s not the mother who moans and complains on all the magazine covers about how hard it all is. She knows it’s hard. But she does it. Day in and day out she raises her children. She loves them, she nurtures them. There is no doubt that her children are her priority in life. She races out of work at the hint of a family emergency, gets up at 3am to comfort them when they’re sick or just scared of the dark and with arms outstretched, is always ready to patch up skinned knees and kiss those boo boos away. She’s the ultimate scheduler – carting them from the pediatrician to the playground and everywhere in between. She knows that at the end of the day, she is first and foremost a mother. But a role mommy also knows that helping her children realize their hopes and dreams doesn’t mean she has to give up on her own.

She knows there are other women out there just like her. But who has time to find them, let alone cultivate new friendships. Well now, she doesn’t have to worry. “Role Mommy” will do it for her.

“Role Mommy” promises to be a coffee klatch for those who just don’t have time to sit and swap stories. It’s every multi-tasking mommy’s traveling companion – your very own playdate in your purse. Helping you navigate the choppy waters of work, family and everything in between, the experiences we share at Role Mommy.com are joyful, challenging, exhausting and exhilarating. After all, isn’t that what motherhood is all about?

We all have our individual stories that are sometimes sad, funny and stressful. But somehow, the planets and pampers align and we manage to pull it all together – at home and on the job.

Drawing from our own experiences as well as from the amazing role mommies who have touched our lives, Role Mommy.com brings all of these stories together – from the friends, to the famous to the frenzied, we share anecdotes that every working mother can relate to, relax with and ultimately realize that she is not alone.