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Despicable Me: Summer Movie Preview

tumblr_l2rtdeolPb1qc2qtto1_1280.jpegHere at Role Mommy, we are knee deep in summer movie reviews and lucky for you, we have the inside scoop on some great film options for you and your kids! Starting today, we're going to roll out our top movie picks of the season and we're kicking it off with "Despicable Me" - a new animated feature film that stars Steve Carrell, Jason Segal, Miranda Cosgrove and Julie Andrews.

My son, his good friend and his mom joined me on a trip to Manhattan's AMC theaters on 42nd street, and after we took our seats and put on our 3D glasses, we were instantly hooked. Steve Carrell, who is best known for his hapless good guy roles, slips into the shoes of an evil man named Gru, who, after being upstaged by a villain who has stolen one of the Egyptian pyramids, is hell bent on stealing the moon. What we discover is that Gru has always wanted to fly to the moon, but his mean mom (played by Julie Andrews, who tackles her first role as an evil mom), always made him feel like a colossal failure. As a result, Gru has yet to fulfill his lifelong dream. When he attempts to secure a loan from the Bank of Evil to fund his diabolical plan, Gru is stopped in his tracks by Vector, a goofy looking villain dressed in a track suit. When the bank president (who happens to be Vector's dad) informs Gru he won't supply him with any additional funds unless he returns with a shrink ray gun, he hops aboard his plane and jets off to China to track down the weapon.

tumblr_l2rqcrayar1qc2qtto1_1280.jpegAfter Gru and a few of his minions (a group of small yellow weeble wobble looking creatures who work for him) steal the shrink gun from the Chinese and then Vector steals it back from Gru (are you keeping up?), Gru tries unsuccessfully to break into Vector's fortress, which is protected by surveillance cameras and booby traps. As he wracks his brain trying to figure out how he's going to get that gun back, Gru discovers three cookie-selling orphans who could be the answers to his plans.

tumblr_l2rqb4vuKz1qc2qtto1_1280.jpegWhen he decides to adopt the girls so that he can use them to break into Vector's home, little does he know that the orphans will inevitably melt his icy heart and turn Gru into the ultimate softey. We've got a hilarious sneak peak trailer below that your kids will flip for and coming soon, we have exclusive interviews with the entire cast! Kristin, our Role Mommy west coast correspondent got the chance to participate in the Despicable Me movie junket and she'll be sharing details from her interviews with Steve Carrell, Miranda Cosgrove, Jason Segal and Julie Andrews! So make sure you mark July 9 and Despicable Me on your family movie viewing calendar and get ready to be entertained by a bumbling villain, three adorable orphans, a gaggle of goofy minions, a nerd in an orange track suit and a grandma with a biting edge - if that's not fun for the whole family, then I don't know what is!

Posted in: Events, TV on 06/29/2010


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