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The Parentville Fave Five - Parents Learn and Share (Part II)


Parentville.com has found so many great learning products recently that we are continuing to highlight some great ones this week! We are even offering a giveaway for two people to win The SENSEsational Alphabet book and flash cards, if you sign up for an account at Parentville this month!

The SENSEsational Alphabet

This is a wonderful book and holiday gift idea we received developed by parents to help kids learn through sensory methods, including those using Braille and sign language. It uses smell (scratch and sniff), touch (texture), moveable parts, and visual stimuli (various materials) to introduce objects starting with each letter. It then emphasizes them further by asking the child to find the corresponding audio letter button. Separate flash cards can also be purchased at www.sensesationalalphabet.com that introduce similar interactive illustrations. Get a 10% discount when you purchase using the Coupon/Promotion code "Parentville"!

Flipping for Phonics

We received a sample of this wonderful educational package started by a mom of three who's a speech and language therapist with involvement from well-known optometrist, Larry Lampert. So far, it's the #1 choice for learning to read by Parent-Teach Resource Centers and Alexander Montessori school.

The Need to Read kit, $24.95, features the Flip Tool book, which includes the phonetic word families and word uses. There are six columns you can "flip" to create 2 to 6-letter words (the only book to do this) based on each word family, up to 2000. This is great for travel or the kitchen table, since the Flip Tool stands up. The package also comes with an instructional DVD, storybook with 6 stories, a CD with 6 songs based on word families and stickers.

The Next Set to Get kit, $14.95, includes a story book and CD with the next level of phonics, and a coloring book. It's worth it to get both kits, since shipping is the same cost. In fact, you can get two sets of two and still pay the same shipping, so you could buy one as a gift. You can purchase here.

This is the right way to learn how to read, as opposed to My Baby Can Read program, which just teaches memorization.



Smart-e Bear

Two entrepreneurs started Intellitoys and developed this Kids Preferred award-winning bear, dog or cat which we had the chance to try out. This is a wonderful product that is soft and cuddly as well as tech-savvy! This will grow with your kids from age 2+.

This comes with pre-downloaded content including in Spanish. You download the program from the website and hook up to a USB to add more content. You can personalize a greeting in your kids' name and add, for $.99 (like an iTunes format) award-winning songs, games, and stories (or Intellitoys has already developed "playdate" lists of combinations by theme), plus add lessons in Mandarin and French!

The content can be changed by squeezing the bear's hands and feet when it tells you to. This also has a volume button, and you can plug in headphones for travel! Great gift idea, and the program also offers gift card purchases for more downloads Check out a brief video review.


Baby Med Basics Guide

Baby Med Basics

This is a great guide started by parents who are also medical experts. It gives you the quick action steps in color-coded tabs when faced with health issue such as CPR, burn, poison, choking, fever. This comes in bright colors so it is easily found, and you can include emergency contact information and baby's medical records. You can get both a larger home edition that can hang on a door/drawer and a weather-resistant travel edition with a clip to attach to diaper bag. Great for grandparents and babysitters, too!



Do you want a fun way to teach your kids the Dolch words (the 220 most common English words that we learn as "sight words" and simply recognize rather than sounding out)? This fun, award-winning board game (recommended by the founder of Tumblon.com, a fun child development site we mentioned two weeks ago) grows with your child age 4+ and can even be fun and challenging for adults! You can buy the game here.

Posted in: Blog, The Parentville Fave Five on 11/15/2009


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