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Snacking on the Run

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While racing across the country promoting See Mom Run, I have been very lucky that I have not been hungry along my road trip. You see, when I'm hungry, I get angry and that doesn't bode well for a reading with people who want me to make them laugh. So when the folks at Daymon Worldwide offered to provide food sponsors for several legs of the See Mom Run tour, I wholeheartedly said yes and was thrilled to know that when I would arrive at each event, delicious snacks would be awaiting us!

DSCN3085.JPGOur first stop in Larchmont featured shrimp platters and crudite provided by Costco and oodles of treats compliments of 7 Eleven. And let me tell you, these days, there are more than just Big Gulps at your local 7 Eleven!. The snacks we savored during our event at Groove included chocolate covered espresso beans (yummy), gummy bears (my daughter loved that one), chocolate covered pretzels (my personal fave), tons of nuts and lots of other snacks that we were able to transport with us on our road trips to Philadelphia and Ridgewood, New Jersey.

DSCN3110.jpgPlus, at the Larchmont event, we even awarded a basket full of 7-11 goodies to one of the attendees with the messiest purse. And trust me, this woman's bag was a wreck!!!

Having all those tasty 7 Eleven treats right in the Routan enabled me to not veer off the road and hit the nearest McDonald's I could find during our three hour trek to the Philly burbs. So in essence, 7 Eleven helped me save money and extra calories. In fact, I've even lost a few pounds during the tour - which leads me to believe that I should leave home more often. But that's a whole other story.

Check out our taste test below of the chocolate pretzels and then check back soon for our re-cap of Charlotte where we'll be sharing delectable tidbits too!

Posted in: Events, see mom run book tour on 11/24/2009


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