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25 Random Things I Plan to Do in 2010

No need to share little tidbits about me, that's so 2009. Instead, here's my list of 25 things I plan to accomplish in the next decade. I'll keep checking back as I cross off the items off my to-do list. But for now, here it is...

1. Lose 10 pounds. At last count, I think I've lost over 100 pounds since I was 12 years old. Only problem - it's the same 10 pounds over the course of nearly 30 years.

2. Transform See Mom Run into a musical. Working on that right now - have written lots of song parodies and secured more essays from dads too. Now need to think of a catchy title. Too bad Wicked is taken.

3. Spend less time online - I actually got this from a lot of mom bloggers who emailed their resolutions to me. Of course, I'm spending the afternoon writing while my family is out and about but I promise, once they come home, I am so not going to log onto my computer. I swear...sort of.

4. Enroll in a BMI Lyrics Writing Class - saw this online and was really intrigued. Considering I've always loved to write lyrics, maybe I need some formal training. Or maybe not. Either way, haven't taken a class in years, it would be fun to be a student again.

5. Sign up for a tennis group. Again - I say this every year and then I find out the prices, say it's too expensive and never do anything. This time, I'm biting the bullet and planning to sign up for a weekly class or league. And no, I do not want to play with old ladies who hit moon balls.

6. Take Dance Lessons with My Husband - While watching Dirty Dancing last night and watching Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze perform those classic final scenes of the movie ("Now I've, had the time of my life..."), I told my husband I'd love to take dance lessons with him and he said yes. All I need to do is find the dance studio and we are in. Between tennis and dance, I'm going to so thin. :)

7. Commit to at least one girlfriend getaway per year - No more of this - we should go here, we should go there. My sister in law says I'm wishy washy and she's right. I'm picking a date and getting my butt out of dodge...and hoping a few of my closest girlfriends will join me.

8. Take my family on a European adventure - We just got the kids' passports renewed and I am dying to take them on a Mediterranean cruise. Here's hoping it happens soon!

9. Get booked on Oprah - According to my friend Alicia, I'm supposed to put my positive kharma out to the universe and now that it's Oprah's last year on the air, here's hoping I make the cut rather than joining the ranks of fellow N'Oprahs. Oh, and Oprah radio counts too. (the back door plan, ladies, the back door plan).

10. Get published in a national woman's magazine - Okay - bet you didn't know this, but I have a master's in journalism from NYU with a specialization in magazine writing. Bet you also didn't know that I've never been published by a major woman's magazine. I've tried, barely but I think I don't go for it because I hate rejection. Here's to tons of rejection letters and hopefully a few keepers and paychecks along the way.

11. Throw two incredible Bat and Bar Mitzvahs . Yes in the next decade, I will be hosting right of passage festivities for both of my kids. Here's hoping my show is a major hit.

12. Send two kids to college - Holy cow. I can't believe that in the same decade I'll be shelling out tons of money for hora dances, my kids will be applying to college. Better get my daughter working on her softball pitching arm and my son, well, he's quite proficient at guitar and Michael Jackson moon walks. Perhaps there's a sports and music scholarship in their future.

13. Have at least one getaway per year with my husband - forget date night. In the next decade, I'm determined to spend at least one weekend away with my hubby so that we never lose the romance from our relationship. Hello Ritz Carlton, it's your favorite customer calling.

14. Spend as much time as we can with our parents - Both my folks and my in-laws are entering their seventies and now is the time to spend as much time with them as possible. Sure, I may not know how to play mah jong or golf, but no matter, time is fleeting and there are still many more memories to be made.

15. Cut down on arguments with my daughter - She says black. I say white. And she's only 10. I know it's going to get tougher so I better invest in a few parenting books and work on shoring up our relationship so that by the time she's my age, we are the best of friends (like me and my mom).

16. Pay it Forward - I've always made this a hallmark in my life and this will certainly continue into the next decade.

17. Win a Really Cool Award - I don't know what that award will be. In fact, the coolest thing I ever won was Best Female Performer of Sing in 1985 and 1986 and nothing else has ever come close. Hey, once I take that lyrics writing class, maybe I'll win a Tony...or a Tina.

18. Be my kids' biggest cheerleader - As much as I want to still reach my full potential, I will be there front and center helping my own kids do the same.

19. Write about the things that matter most and will make you laugh - I will try my best to write about people and places who are special - doing extraordinary things with their lives while motivating others to do the same. Plus, will mine the contents of my life and the lives of others that you will hopefully find hilarious.

20. Host many more exciting RoleMommy events - What can I say, I'm a girl who just loves to throw a party.

21. Meet Nora Ephron - she's totally my idol and every time I watch another movie that I adore and see she's directed it, I am convinced that one day I am destined to meet her. If I did meet her, I'd probably plotz. Either way, here's me putting another crazy thing out to the universe.

22. Sell 1 million copies of one of my books. Another metaphysical prediction. Plus, I don't discriminate, I'll take any version - Peeing in Peace, See Mom Run, or any combination thereof!

23. Help other moms achieve their own dreams - Working on that now through Role Mommy university and will continue to do so every year!

24. Read more great books - I want to enrich my mind, read more novels and maybe even pick up a few of the classics again. Enough of the Tweeting and Facebooking. Time to put books and great authors back in my life.

25. Be Happy and Grateful for Everything I Have - Well, I can already cross that one off my list. I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing husband, great kids, supportive mom and dad, in-laws and friends who have touched my life in so many ways over the past 40 years. Here's to many more special times ahead and here's to appreciating every day and every accomplishment, no matter how big or small.

Happy New Year everyone! What's your list for the decade? Comment now with a link to your 25!

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See Mom Run on Ben FM in Philadelphia

Listen in to our interview with Philadelphia radio host and Mom Marilyn Russell on Ben-FM. We had so much fun with Marilyn - she is amazing! Plus, you can see her harried moment below...

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Who Will Buy?

Check out the rehearsal footage for the musical version of See Mom Run. Still a work in progress but so excited to be doing what I love with amazing singing moms!!!

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See Mom Run: Maryland

Powered by Whrrl

We just made it to our ninth city and thankfully, we made to Maryland and narrowly missed a colossal snowstorm. Our first event took place at the B'nai Shalom Synagogue in Olney and some of our favorite DC bloggers came out for the fun including Jill at Musings from Me, Amy at Resourceful Mom, and Devra at Parentopia. Plus, we got to meet some Twitter friends too, including @ThienKim and @TeachMama. Special thanks to Giant supermarkets for providing the delicious crudite and snacks for our event. And now for a sneak peak of the event...

Now that you've seen a snippet of my story, take a look at Meredith Jacobs who shared her harried moment, "The Secret."

More videos to come, plus we'll be sharing details from our event at the brand new Be with Me Playseum in Bethesda where we finally got to meet author, mom of twins and See Mom Run contributor Cheryl Lage! Plus, we also had several amazing writers in attendance including Jessica McFadden (A Parent in Silver Spring); Sarah Pekkanen, whose first novel is being published by the same house that brought us the Nanny Diaries and all of Jennifer Weiner's books. And we also got the chance to spend a wonderful afternoon with Julia Beck at Forty Weeks - a marketing company with its finger on the pulse of new products and trends for pregnant and new moms. Lots more to come...but before we go, enjoy this special song...shot by Jill at Musings from Me.

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Fave Five Holiday Time Saving Tips

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This morning, we got up at the crack before dawn to make an appearance on the WPIX morning news with Tamsen Fadal (love her!) We were on the show to offer time saving tips for the holidays and in case you missed it, we've got the clip above. Or, if you don't have time to watch but want our tips pronto, well, here they are.

Time Saving Tips for the Holidays
1. Shop for groceries online. Who has time to hit the supermarket when you're busy buying a snuggie for your Great Aunt Tilly? Instead, visit my hands down favorite online grocer - Fresh Direct. So why do they win top honors in my book? Simple. Not only can you order prepared meals that are restaurant quality (they've got dishes from Rosa Mexicano, Tabla and more); you can even order meats that are pre-marinated; four minute meals and if you dare to cook from scratch, they've got recipes right on the site that you can add directly to your shopping cart. Best of all, if you order this week between Tuesday-Thursday, delivery is free.

2. Visit parenting blogs for all your holiday gift needs. If you're like me and still haven't started shopping for gifts, no need to fear. Some of the best blogs I know are featuring incredible holiday gift guides. From Cool Mom Picks, to Classy Mommy, Twitter Moms and Lifetime Moms - where 13 blogging moms share their picks on everything from toys to home, beauty and fun (that would be my category). Incidentally, my three favorite picks this year for gifts include:
1. Kids - Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS - a game that requires imagination and spelling - gotta love that one!
2. Your Family - HP Touchsmart Wireless Printer
3. Friends and Family - 1-800 Baskets - I visited the basket factory in Chicago and trust me when I tell you - those gift baskets are gorgeous - they've got everything from wine to chocolate, cheese, crackers, Starbucks coffee and much more. And best of all - it's affordable!

3. Make clean up a breeze - No need to schlep your vacuum up and down the stairs when there's a spill in the living room. Make sure you have the brand new Swiffer WetJet with anti-bacterial solution handy and get your kids in on the act. My kids happen to wrestle over who gets the Swiffer and sometimes, if I have two in the house we hold races to see who finishes first. If only I could teach my cats how to Swiffer too.

4. Make Plans before You Leave Home - the worst thing you can do during the holiday is leave your home without a plan. I always love to check out sites like Mommy Poppins or New York Metroparents for their calendar of events. Instead of hitting all the tourist attractions and being crammed like sardines, we opt for fun alternatives like off-Broadway shows, museums, aquariums and holiday craft fairs. In the burbs, I visit Essential Mom. And when in doubt, there's always moviefone.com.

5. Relax and don't sweat it! I know - better said than done but trust me - if you take some time for yourself, you'll be armed and ready to take on the holiday singlehandedly. Even though my daughter asked me to find 26 dreidels for a class project that was due this morning, I didn't sweat it. Wandered into Papyrus and lo and behold, there was a bucket of dreidels awaiting. Sometimes visualization is key. Obviously, the people who run Papyrus are busy moms.

Enjoy the holiday and don't get stressed!!!

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See Mom Run: Next Stop Maryland!!!

We're finally back home from our whirlwind trip and are gearing up for two great events in Maryland on December 17 and December 18. In addition to these great events, food and a giveaway will be provided by GIANT. And we always have our signature Swiffer Wet Jet giveaways on hand too! Below are details!

Thursday, December 17, 2009
7:00 -9:00 pm
B'nai Shalom of Olney
18401 Burtfield Drive, Olney, MD 20832
Authors coming to BSO are:
Come have some nosh, meet the authors, and read some books!
Open to all members, non-members, and happy faces!
For more information,
contact Harriet Caplan @ 301-570-1152 (home) or 240-277-4016 (cell)
Readings by Beth Feldman and Meredith Jacobs (author of the Modern Jewish Mom's Guide to Shabbat)

Friday, December 18, 2009
10:00 am-12:00 pm
Be With Me
A Children's Playseum
7000 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD
Appearances by Beth Feldman and authors Meredith Jacobs (Modern Jewish Mom's Guide to Shabbat) and Cheryl Lage (Twinspiration)
*Parents, caregivers and children are welcome!!!

About our contributors:

IMG_7039.jpgBeth Feldman is the founder of RoleMommy.com, an online community and events company dedicated to inspiring, entertaining, and empowering today's busy moms to pursue their passion while raising a family. Feldman is a former television-network executive who pole vaulted off the corporate ladder to become the president of her own PR consulting agency, she's the Just For Fun Channel Leader for LifetimeMoms.com and is the host of the Role Mommy Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. Beth is the co-author of Peeing in Peace: Tales & Tips for Type A Moms (Sourcebooks) and is a contributor to the new bestseller True Mom Confessions (Penguin).

MJacobscolor.jpgMeredith Jacobs is the author of The Modern Jewish Mom's Guide to Shabbat (HarperCollins), host of the radio show Connecting Family (WYPR-FM), and the television show Modern Jewish Mom (The Jewish Channel). She lives in Rockville, MD with husband Jonathan, daughter Sofie, son Jules, insane-dog Mac, and a tank of seahorses. Sofie survived the traumatic incident revealed in her mom's essay and went on to co-author a book with Meredith titled: Just Between Us: A Journal for Mothers and Daughters (Chronicle Books, Spring 2010).

threelages.jpgCheryl Lage's twin-centric perspectives have appeared in Twins Magazine, Pregnancy, Richmond Parents Monthly, on MSN.com, AmericanBaby.com, Huggies.com, Twinstuff.com, StorkNet.com, Christian-Mommies.com, and many, many more. A featured guest speaker on Martha Stewart Living Radio's "Healthy Kids with Dr. Ben Kligler", ChickChat Radio, and at the Virginia Baby and Child Expos, she's well-versed in talking all things twins with those who are seeking plural pregnancy/parenting encouragement.

During twin-synchronous sleeping hours, Cheryl is the editor/webhost of Twinsights.com, a support site for new and expecting twin parents; and her book, Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year (Taylor Trade Publishing, c.2006), is now available online and in bookstores nationwide. Cheryl is a full-time, fully-fulfilled mom to fraternal twins, Darren and Sarah---and a happy parenting partner/wife to her dreamy husband, Scott.

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I Am Mommy

FILE0081.JPGOkay...so I am beyond excited. Let me tell you why. My dream is in the process of becoming a reality. Take a look at Miss Lori performing my parody "I Am Mommy" at the Comedy Sportz Theatre in Chicago. It was so amazing to watch a gifted performer take the song and make it her own (thanks "American Idol" for that tip) and trust me when you see it...you will love it!!! More to come from our amazing night but I figured this tune would be a great way to start your day!

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Food Glorious Food

9113d243-293a-4434-a99c-d2727405bb15.jpegWhile preparing for our show at Comedy Sportz Theatre, our guests got the chance to sample some delectable appetizers provided by our food sponsor, Dominick's and Safeway Brands. From shrimp cocktail, to yummy wraps and mozzarella cheese and tomatoes galore, I was so happy to finally have a few moments to eat before it was showtime! Check out our interview with Tony at Dominick's who shares what great food they have on tap this holiday season for shoppers!

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Sleepless in Seattle

Powered by Whrrl

sleepless_in_seattle.jpgSo it's 5:30 am and I'm wide awake in my hotel room at the Marriott on the Waterfront in Seattle. Though I've never been to this city, ever since I saw "Sleepless in Seattle," I've always wanted to visit. In fact, I loved that movie so much that when I became engaged, my friends sent me the movie poster and it hung on the walls of my office at CBS for more than a decade.

I'm so excited to be spending the day here and already had a fabulous seafood dinner with my mom at a restaurant called Anthony's that's located directly across the street from our hotel. And even though it was the coldest night of the year, my mom and I walked along the waterfront and already did some damage at a gift shop that had tons of sea faring goodies my kids are going to love.

The moment I woke up this morning I thought about how we were going to explore Seattle after our event today at the Tot Spot Cafe. And after one Google search, I figured it out. We are going to step back in time and visit the streets and restaurants where they filmed Sleepless in Seattle! In fact, lucky for me, one cool website mapped out all the locations with photos and everything! I know - I must be nuts, but I am a hopeless romantic. I even stayed at Le Sireneuse in Positano, Italy for my honeymoon after seeing "Only You" with Marissa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr.

Of course, before we knew it, the day got away from us (check out the photo montage above) and rather than spend the day strolling through Pike Street market and hitting the Space Needle, my mom and I found ourselves in a place that reminded us of home - Ann Taylor Loft. What can I say, they were having a buy one sweater get one free sale, it was freezing and we couldn't resist!

So rather than step back in time with me on the streets of Seattle, enjoy this great tear-jerker clip I found from my favorite movie. Gotta love You Tube! And if you want to grab an entire box of kleenex, then pick up a copy Sleepless in Seattle (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Jetta Setting in L.A.

DSCN3303.JPGAfter zipping out of Chicago with absolutely no airline delays (thank you aviation Gods), we arrived in Los Angeles on a brisk Friday afternoon, hopped in a cab and waited for our cell phone to ring with our latest set of wheels. You see, the awesome folks at Volkswagen provided me with a car for our west coast leg of the See Mom Run tour and while I did ask about that hard top convertible (the EOS if you haven't been following our tour), the fancy Thelma and Louise sports car was on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show so we were out of luck again!

Instead, a gleaming white Jetta TDI showed up at the Hilton Checkers hotel and within minutes, I was navigating the freeways of L.A., Beverly Hills and Hollywood and having the time of my life. There is something about that zippy little car. I first hopped into a Jetta when I was 17 years old and so when it came time to reclaim my life after becoming a mom, I decided to lease a Jetta a few years back and since then have been a VW driver ever since. Take a look...

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