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Back to School Shopping: Staples Saves the Day

I can't believe the summer is almost officially over. I guess I should have known the writing was on the wall when I wandered into Staples last week and I caught all those early bird parents shopping for school supplies. Sure, I should have joined them - found the lists and found all the folders, pens, and notebooks in a calm and relaxing environment, but then that wouldn't be me. I'm the ultimate procrastinator -- which means I will be printing out the school supply list this week and will most likely be hitting Staples when the lines are insane.

But I'm not worried -- this time around, the team at Staples have already given me a head start on back to school shopping and I'm here to share some really great items that might not necessarily be on that official school list but should be a must have item for your tween.

Backpack Central - If you've got a son hitting middle school this fall (that would be me), then there's no better place to find him the coolest backpack around than Staples. In fact, my husband happens to love their backpacks too and since many of them even have a special compartment for laptops, you may just find yourself picking up a Back to School and Back to Work backpack too. My son picked out a super cool Reebok backpack in red and his dad now has a snazzy blue backpack with a laptop holder and we even took it along on our recent trip to Maine.


Samsung Chromebook - My son has been loving this new affordable laptop and even used it to complete his summer assignment. The cool thing about the Samsung Chromebook is that the entire system operates on the Google platform but you can still access the Internet and surf the web and best of all, they can do all their assignments by using Google docs. There's even a way to link your printer to the laptop. Plus, my son was able to share his assignment with me so that I could read it and make sure he was on the right track. Just think - you're at work and your child is doing their homework and he or she is having a hard time. While you're still at the office, they share their assignment with you via Google docs and you can check it out in real time and give him feedback before you even walk through the door. Plus, there's also Google hangout -- where you can chat via video. And here's the best part. The Samsung Chromebook is only $249! Check it out to order a chromebook for your family.


There's plenty more great deals where that came from. In fact, if you order your back to school supplies right now, you can save even more, get free shipping and avoid the crowds! So what are you waiting for? All your school supplies and more are waiting for you at Staples.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 8.48.10 PM.png

Disclosure: I received two backpacks and a Chromebook for review for my family. All opinions are strictly my own.

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 08/26/2013


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