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Back to School Shopping at RUUM with KidzVuz

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Shopping for clothes with my tween daughter can either be really great or really painful. KidzVuz and RUUM invited my little fashionista and I to check out the new store at the Palisades Mall. And the experience? Really great! There are over 22 RUUM stores across the country with adorable (and affordable) children's fashions. RUUM, launched in late March 2013, and was founded by Ezra Dabah, one of the foremost authorities in children's wear. The former CEO of The Children's Place who helped make sales that exceeded a billion dollars while expanding to 900 stores, is now back in the fashion fold.

The clothes run from Baby sizes all the way to size 14. It was too bad I didn't have any baby gifts to buy, because the baby clothes were too cute and so soft. Instead I focused on my daughter and we began to shop!

RUUM Collage 1.jpg

My very picky tween walked around grabbing everything she thought was "omg, so cute!!" Next thing I knew my arms were full of clothes. Once she had made her way all around, we headed to the dressing room. Even the dressing rooms were cute. There were big peace signs that opened up so you could hand clothes out or take clothes in, such a cute touch, my daughter loved that. As you can see in the pictures, the clothes are right on trend without being too trendy and everything looked beyond adorable on her and was comfortable too.

Once she was all set with her fab finds, we headed over to the boy's section to see if there were some good things for my 6 year old son. It was really hard to narrow down what to get for him, too many good choices. After we chose some shirts for my son, we checked out all the great shoes and accessories. Tons of headbands, hairbands, bracelets and hats too! Suri Cruise was even spotted carrying a RUUM ruffle bag.

The store itself is "totally fun" as my girl said. There are photo booths, stickers, paper airplanes and our favorite part... a candy bar! Your kid gets a little cranky? I bet a lollipop or some twizzlers will make them happy and give you more time to shop. If there isn't a store near you, you can shop online at http://www.ruum.com/ruum/. There are some amazing sales going on right now, buy more and save more.

Awesome looks for my fashiontweensta... she'll be rocking her new RUUM clothes in the fourth grade!

RUUM Collage 2.jpg

*Great news for all you Role Mommy readers! You could win a $250 RUUM SHOPPING SPREE! Click here for all the details and go to the KidzVuz website to create a video for your chance to win. Have your kids go back to school in style, good luck!

I was provided with a gift card at this event, all opinions are my own.

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  • amira

    honestly, yes i think this a good store and has high fashion clothes for cheap but i am a 16 year old employee at RUUM in bridge-water,NJ and i was hired for black Friday on an 8 hour shift as my first day all i did was stand around greet people fold clothes and sweep. They never taught me how to work a cash register and they had me come up there multiple times for nothing. But after i worked that black friday i never worked again; i was put on the schedule foe December 14,2013 and i could not work that day because i had to attend my college prep program and ever since then i NEVER was put on the schedule. so i say this to say that they used me and other teens for one day and they can care less about their employees.

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