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Teaching Kids How To Surf

iStock_000012760770Small.jpgSummer time in Hawaii and many other coastal areas usually means a lot of swimming and water sports. One of my favorites is surfing. If your child want to learn, here are some tips to stay active, healthy, and safe in the surf!

Make sure your child is a strong swimmer before taking them out. It's always a good idea to buy a surf lesson or surf experience for the first time. Waikiki beach is a great place to learn here in Hawaii. Also, don't forget the sunscreen or better yet a rash guard to protect against UV exposure and your abdomen from constant rubbing on the
board. You should always surf with a buddy and never go out alone.

Here are some pointers for your little surfer to know:

Picking the right board:
For beginners, bigger boards usually mean an easier time catching a wave. I recommend renting a board before you purchase one.

Find the right location:
If you don't know the area ask around to find a spot with a gentle consistent wave.

Learning to paddle
Position your body in the middle of the board and start to paddle your arms.

When larger waves are coming at you when you are paddling out, do a duck dive where you duck your head and push the nose (front) of the board down.

Catching the wave
Turn your board around and paddle hard when you see a wave coming. When you feel yourself taking off then you can attempt to stand up, which takes some balance and a few tries, but you will get it!

Surf's up!!

Professional Mom Blogger

patrice[1].jpgPatrice is the creator of "Mom's Best Bets," a site to inspire a healthier way of living. Patrice lives in beautiful Hawaii, has a Master's degree in educational psychology, and is a full time mommy. She is also a wife, model, fashion wearing, organic eating, healthy living mom who strives to discover the BEST in products, food, vitamins, and fashion!

Posted in: Aloha Pat, Blog, Guest Post Corner on 06/27/2010


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