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We just had another inspiring and entertaining event at the White Plains Library, featuring mompreneurs and career experts who jumped off the corporate ladder to reinvent their lives. On Wednesday, March 26 (7-9 PM) we are tackling a topic that every mom can relate and commiserate with...losing weight! Which diets work, which don't, how do you make time for fitness and how can you re-train your mind to think like a thin person? We've assembled a panel of experts who will help you find all the answers to your burning weight loss questions and more!
Panelists include Janice Taylor, author of Our Lady of Weight Loss - a hilarious and zen approach to finally losing weight and keeping it off. Janice's book even made the O List so if Oprah approves, it must be great. Janice is a motivational weight loss expert who uses a creative approach to shedding pounds.
Also appearing is licensed nutritionist, Keri Glassman, author of The Snack Factor Diet and creator of KeriBar - a delicious snack that not only curbs hunger cravings but is delicious too! Keri will share how snacking can actually help you lose pounds and attain your weight loss goals.
Toby Amidor is a registered dietician, culinary expert and lead nutritionist for DietTV.com. If you've tried dozens of diets but nothing has worked, Toby can cut through the clutter and analyze why your chosen diet isn't working for you. She'll also share her favorite picks for healthy diets that actually work!
Our third panelist is Ava Diamond-Pizzuti, MSW and entrepreneur, earned her Masters in Social Work just before getting married in1991. Fully invested in her career working with chemically dependent persons, she never expected that holding her first baby in her arms two years later would result in a whole new perspective. After struggling with her return to work on a ¾ time basis, Ava was pregnant AGAIN. With two children 12 months apart, the interest and energy needed to have a fulfilling career was gone. Madly in love with her children, Ava become 150% Mom?and plummeted into a world that centered completely around naps, feedings, changes, and baths. She joins our panel to present an honest account of why and how she emerged from Diaper Darkness to redefine and incorporate self-care from a physical, emotional, and professional standpoint. The ?entrepreneur? part of her title currently includes: Co-founder of ?The D Spot?the divorced woman?s source for total fulfillment? Co-owner (with her new husband), Manager, Community and Corporate Event Planner, Camp Director of Frozen Ropes in Orange Co-owner (with Alicia Luciani) of A2?est tu? fitness wear National Motivational Speaker for Barbizon School of Modeling/Acting/ Personal Development
Also appearing will be Alicia Luciani, who has always loved her role as mom and wife, but when school days left her with more time to herself, she began to struggle with personal fulfillment in other ways...she realized the need to "reinvent" herself. Unwilling to miss hockey or softball games...and determined to maintain valuable family dinner time...she found renewed energy and excitement through fitness. Running and weight training helped her not only create a strong body, but also a strong mind with focus and dedication. Her passion for fitness has turned into a business in fitness fashion: A2...Est Tu? Fitness Wear. Alicia will talk about how important passion is as a driving force for success when you choose to step outside your role of Mom.
Fit for Life is sponsored by the White Plains Library Foundation and will take place on Wednesday, March 26 at the White Plains Library, located at 100 Martine Avenue. Mouth watering appetizers will be provided by Dinner in Hand. Books will be available for sale at the event through Borders and fitness wear will be available for sale through A2....est tu? If you'd like to RSVP, please send us an email at beth@rolemommy.com.

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Posted in: Events on 03/02/2008


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