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A New Year, A New Me

Thumbnail image for granola berry smoothieSo, we're three weeks into the New Year. Past experience has taught me that this period is like the "hump day." You know, like a Wednesday. If you can make it past this mark, you're in good shape for keeping that healthy eating resolution you made at the stroke of midnight.

One thing I promised myself this year was to look at these changes akin to the way our children develop. They do not learn how to walk overnight, nor does language or tying their shoes happen that quickly. Why should weight loss be any different? I've never been a quit-cold-turkey sort of gal, and frankly think it would suck all the fun from what I enjoy most--food. I'm a food writer and editor for heaven's sake, so eating is a hazard of the job. What I can do, though, is make a conscious effort to make heathier choices when I'm not "on the job", while also taming how large a portion I really need to taste test for work purposes (this has always been my Achilles heel).

So far I'm doing okay, and I'm very aware it could be better. The walnut fudge brownie recipe I was developing last week definitely made for irresistible temptation. I'm proud, though, that I've quit my morning bagel. That is not an easy feat for a Brooklyn girl with access to some of the best doughy holes in the country! Instead I've swapped in granola berry smoothies and poached eggs on multi-grain toast.

For snack time, I created a caramelized onion dip, reminiscent of the one made from those soup packets (and, es, indulge in a few chips before moving onto carrot sticks). And pizza Fridays have always been a tradition in our house. Give this recipe a try in your own kitchen, and you can say goodbye to takeout and all those extra calories from thick, doughy cheese laden slices.

walnut fudge brownies

These are so worth the temptation!

Posted in: Blog, Cooking with Jennifer Perillo, In Jennie's Kitchen on 01/25/2010


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