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When College is Just Around the River Bend….

When I was 16 years old and applying to colleges, I really don’t remember whether my parents were actively involved…


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Sittercity, the nation’s pioneer in online childcare, surveyed moms about their real thoughts on the day. While 80% of moms spend Mother’s Day with their family, the same percentage often don’t feel the day is actually about them…

Sorry But Do I Know You?

I recently read an article by a former radio host who talked about how when people ask what she does,…

This One’s For Laura…

There’s something about having friends from your childhood that instantly make you feel 15 again the moment you hear from them. That’s what it’s like for the group of girls who have been in my life since high school. We’ve been there for one another through the ups and downs of each of our lives and I feel lucky to know that no matter where we are, something always brings us back together.

Say Hi to Summer Thighs with CoolSculpting®

here is one thing that my husband cannot stand about me during the summer time. While the weather might be sweltering outside, I can always be found covering up my less than favorite body parts. The biggest offenders are my calves, knees and my thighs. For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated my lower body. I’ve been blessed with a small waist but have inherited the genes of my European born grandmothers, I am a pear through and through. I do not have the body of a ballet dancer. Rather, I have the frame of a potato farmer.

Baseball Season: Pursuing Your Field of Dreams

About seven years ago, I had a long talk with my husband. I was a vice president at a major…

I Got a Puppy and Lost My Mind

In honor of national puppy day, I’ve decided to share the story behind the newest member of our family…Santana. But…

The Winter of Our Discontent

his is by far the worst winter I’ve ever experienced. And that says a lot since I am 44 years old. As a kid, I remember getting blasted by one major snowstorm — the blizzard of 1978 where I was photographed standing high atop of snow mound. But it wasn’t like we had snow three times a week. Once a month maybe, but definitely not every three days.

I’m Addicted to Blowouts

Lately, I haven’t been in the mood to blow dry my hair each day and so recently, when a friend said she was going to her salon for a blowout, I decided to tag along and get one myself. The very next day, I had to head out of town and I have to say, that $40 blowout was the best investment I could have made. Didn’t have to wash my hair while I was gone and it was silky smooth with just the right curl at the ends.

44 Memories….Dance Class

Along my trip down memory lane, I’ve realized that there are some things that really miss. And one of those things is dancing. When you are the parent of a teen or tween, if you attempt to dance in front of them, they will cringe, cover their eyes and beg you to stop. And so, I’ve learned that some of the things I used to love to do without anyone criticizing me (singing and dance) has been temporarily banned by my children. And to be completely honest, I am not happy about it.

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