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Yes We Can...Check Out this Inspiring Video

After reading one of my favorite blogs on the net, Mom-101, I totally related to her flip-flop on who she was going to vote for in the primaries. I, for one, did make the last minute switch to Obama and while Hillary did take New York, I've been quite inspired to see state after state rally behind her competitor as he inches closer to capturing the nomination. As Obama gains momentum, Hillary's campaign seems to be in free-fall as her campaign manager, Patti Doyle Sollis just resigned from her post. Things I'm sure are getting stressful in the Clinton camp but as you can see from the video below (which I found on Mom-101's recent post and had to share because it's so amazing), Obama fever is sweeping across this nation - he's rallied actors, musicians, politicians and everyday Americans like you and me, by promising change and offering Americans hope for a brighter future. And that's what it's all about...standing behind a candidate who will make our nation a better place for our children.

Posted in: Blog on 02/10/2008


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