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Why I Love Dr. Bailey More than Meredith Grey

Watched the finale of "Grey's Anatomy" last night and at first, I thought the show was a little off. Everyone was totally acting weird, including my favorite TV Mom, Dr. Bailey, who started out staring into space ignoring hysterical Izzy's questions at every turn.  But then everything kicked into high gear.  A teenager comes in encased in concrete and while everyone is fighting over how they're going to save him, Bailey as usual took control but also became a mom who comforted the petrified sci-fi student as he lay covered in tons of cement.  While sexual tension was going on all over the hospital - a hook-up between two brain tumor patients, a lesbian lip lock between Callie and Dr. Hahn and finally (now if you haven't seen the episode stop reading now), a reunion between Derek and Meredith, my favorite part of the show took place when Bailey admitted she couldn't do it all.

As a working mom whose personal life was literally falling apart (haven't we all been there at one point in our lives), Bailey realized she had to let something in her life go in order to be a better chief resident, a better surgeon, a better mother and a better wife.  And so, she handed over the keys to the Denny Duquette clinic to Izzy so that she could save her marriage.  And speaking of marriages - the chief also got back together with his wife too.  Oh, and Karev hooked up with Izzy after his face reconstruction surgery girlfriend went bonkers and George kissed Lexie Grey so it looks like we know who he'll be hooking up with next season.

I guess those producers at Grey's wanted to tie everything up in a neat bow last night.  Although it did leave me wondering if Derek was going to wind up in a car accident or something after he leaves Meredith waiting for him on a field full of candles while he broke up with Rose, but I digress.  When the show finally was over, I was kind of bummed that I'd have to wait until September but at least I know that Dr. Bailey's life didn't fall apart.  She rose to the occasion, admitted she's not a superwoman and moved on.  Now if that's not a Role Mommy, I don't know what is!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 05/23/2008


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