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Who You Calling Soccer Mom Sweetie?

​ This week, as he waltzes his way to the finish line, a confident Barack Obama strolled into an automobile workers plant in Detroit Michigan and without thinking, hurled an insult at an unsuspecting television reporter.  To see the tape, click here but in a nutshell, reporter Peggy Apgar tried to ask the presidential hopeful a question and he was too busy to respond and told her to "Hold on a second sweetie."

As someone who is called "sweetie" by her husband at least a dozen times a day, I really don't mind that endearing comment.  So Barack, I'll let that one slide.  But there is a more sinister phrase that bugs the living crap out of me.  Soccer Mom.  When I meet with businesses who look me straight in the eye and say, we really want to reach out to the "Soccer Moms" part of me wants to reach across the table and give them one of those slaps from the movie "Airplane."  

You see, I am not a soccer mom.  Neither of my kids play soccer nor do we have any plans to join the legions of parents who are on the soccer fields every weekend.  I am however, a Baseball Mom and an ice skating and Gymnastics Mom and honestly, if someone called me either name, I probably wouldn't get offended.  But the minute someone looks you in the eye and tells you they don't know how to reach the "soccer moms," I say, they need a lesson in Mommy Blogging 101.

If you recently caught the Today Show apppearance of mommy bloggers Jill Asher, Heather Armstrong and Kristen Chase, where they attempted to show to the world what all us crazy mothers are doing online all the time, I have to say I got that same irritable soccer mom reaction when I watched Kathie Lee Gifford's uncomfortable response to mommy blogging.   You would have thought we were the most heinous people around, sharing our innermost thoughts and experiences with the outside world.  Giving details about our kids, their birthdays, the things they do that drive us to the point of insanity.  Wait a second.  But Kathie Lee used to do that when she co-hosted "Live with Regis."  And instead of a few thousand people hearing her stories, a few million watched them as well and thought to themselves, "Boy that Cody kid really sounds annoying."

But back to the discussion at hand. Soccer moms.  From the women whom I have met both online and in person, there is not a soccer mom among us and if there are, nobody has admitted it to me.  We are actually highly educated women with advanced degrees, really great resumes and a passion for writing.  The difference is since our musings on daily life are not printed in the New York Times and live for the most part in the blogosphere, we are seen as less than credible than those in the mainstream media who think it's pretty weird that women go online every day to share their deep dark secrets or compare notes on child rearing with a girlfriend whom they've never met in cyberspace.

I am incredibly impressed by major corporations that understand the influence of mommy bloggers and don't label us with ridiculous and outdated words like Soccer Mom.  But for those who are new to this whole blogging thing, let me give you a word of advice - don't call me sweetie, don't call me mommy and for the love of God, do not call me or my peers soccer moms.  It'll spare you a lot of grief and ridicule and if you actually read some of the great stuff that's out there, you'll soon realize that mommy blogging is not only the wave of the future - it's where some of the smartest female writers of our time can be found. 

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 05/17/2008


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