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Who Won the Debate?

Well, I sat through the debate tonight and who do I think kicked some serious butt? Hate to say it, but hands down, John McCain won round one and even one blogger at AOL totally agrees.

While Obama tried to hang in there, it pretty much seemed like he was being lectured by an angry teacher who has been there, done that and doesn't want some new guy who hardly has any experience telling him how to run this country.

So does McCain's mastery of foreign policy make me want to vote for him? Not really. So I'm still hopelessly undecided. Guess I'll have to wait for round two - or just catch SNL's take this weekend!

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 09/26/2008


  • I think that McCain won on the international side. However, most of the exit polls are (surprisingly) showing that Obama won the debate overall. I guess the economy is more pressing on people's mind (for obvious reasons) at this time.

    The truth is that I still don't "love" either candidate. However, I'm leaning more towards Obama every time that I hear excerpts from Sarah Palin's interviews. I'm going to wait until the VP debates next week to make a firm decision. (McCain IS old/has had health problems.) At this point, I'm a little hesitant to have Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency.

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