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Where Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

So my daughter has been at sleepaway camp for a little over 24 hours and I am suffering from full blown withdrawal. I keep visiting her camp website hoping they've posted some more photos of all the campers, but every time I click through the 30 plus pages, I've only managed to see her in two group shots (and there are already more than 400 pictures up on that site so far!) My usually candid social butterfly is nowhere to be found! I mean, I noticed the little girl she boarded the bus with, but my Becca is MIA.

Could it be she's been crying for hours and they don't want me to see her all puffy and sad? Or maybe, she's so busy writing us letters that the photographer wasn't able to capture that perfect shot to show us that she's doing just fine. I have to say though, if I don't see a photo of her soon I may be emailing that camp to at least have them send out a smoke signal to verify that a) she arrived safely and b) she's having a great time.

Meanwhile, I've already written her about 10 letters since she's left (I know it's only been 1 day), and I stuffed 8 notes in her bag and mailed one out to her this morning. Something tells me that by the time she gets back I will be publishing a new book entitled "Letters to Becca...the summer I lost my mind missing my daughter."

In the meantime, my son is having the time of his life - he's officially an only child for four weeks and he couldn't be happier. Right now he's with his dad in the park and earlier this evening, he played the Wii and used my computer without anyone fighting him to get off and give them a turn. The only downside of his sister being gone is that her kitten has gotten even more psychotic (as if that were possible). None of us can stay in the same room with Hazel because if we do, she pounces on us when we least expect it, bites at our extremities and claws us until we have to banish her to the basement. And my poor son was gauged in the face when she leaped out of thin air and landed right on his cheek. Oh, and let's not forget about yesterday when she came careening off the 2nd floor landing into a glass vase that shattered all over the floor. And guess who had the great fortune of cleaning it up. She wrote the essay you're reading right now. Mystery solved.

Time to hit the road so I can figure out what I'm going to write in my next letter to Becca. Better yet, maybe I'll check the website again for photos. You never know when my daughter will finally realize she's got to throw herself in front of the camera so that her parents know she's doing just fine.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 06/29/2009


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