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Verizon Fios: You Had Me At Demi Moore

AboutLastNight1986HereComestheWannab_imagelarge.jpegI want you to know something important about me. I am incredibly set in my ways. And my family - they are 10 times worse than me. Which means, a few months back when I received a call from the PR department at Verizon Fios asking me if I would consider switching from Optimum Online to Fios, I took the question to my cabinet (that would be my husband and two kids) and was instantly vetoed.

"Mom, we love Optimum Online! It has all our favorite channels! Why would we want to switch???" my kids wailed.
"How much is it going to cost? Will it cost us more?" asked my incredibly skeptical husband.

After going back and forth with a representative from Fios, I was assured that our package would actually be less expensive and more economical than Optimum Online. Considering I already had a Verizon landline, cell phone and even a wireless card, I guess it did make sense. And when I opted for the Quad play package - where I could get every channel under the sun along with my phone service for what I had been paying cablevision, I bit the bullet and finally said yes.

And so, about a month and a half ago, they installed Fios in my home. And I did not blog about it. The reason? I was still trying to navigate the system and to be honest, at first it wasn't as easy as our original unit. There were all kinds of widgets, tons of stations to choose from and I couldn't find our free movie on demand channels - which meant my kids started to go nuts when they couldn't watch the Disney channel from dawn to dusk.

And then, after about a week, we all figured it out. And now that I've become a master at operating the remote control, I have to admit - I am hooked. In fact, last week, when my entire family went out to the Mets game and were delayed by rain for two full hours, I hopped over to Encore on Demand channel and discovered an incredible option - Demi Moore on Encore! If you're a Generation X-er with a serious Brat Pack obsession, then I'm sure you will be just as pleased to hear that yours truly got the chance to sit through a double feature without interruption which included "St. Elmo's Fire" and "About Last Night."

Even cooler? When I brought my iPhone to the ball field and realized we were going to be late missing the finale of American Idol, I downloaded the Fios App and was able to program my DVR from the field and lo and behold, did not miss a minute of the action.

And as for those widgets? They come in handy when you don't know what the weather is for the day and can actually check out a five day forecast while you're watching your favorite morning show. Plus, if you are a Twitter and Facebook fanatic, you can even be instantly updated, directly from your TV!

As far as the Internet, it is fast, efficient and despite one minor setback on an incredibly windy and rainy day, we've enjoyed great service on that front. While it's only month two, I have to say, Verizon Fios, you're turning me into a fan. Now if you offer a Reese Witherspoon marathon on Encore, you will have me for life!

Full Disclosure: Verizon Fios installed the system in my home free of charge but I am now paying a monthly fee for their services.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 06/02/2010


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