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Summer at Snob Hill

​ It's the first weekend of the summer and we're enjoying a weekend at my parent's house in the Hamptons.  While my folks don't live in some fancy shmancy mansion, they do have a great place that's about a mile from the beach and from town and we've thoroughly enjoyed going back year after year.

But a strange thing has happened over the last two years.  Whenever we visit the towns of Southampton or Sag Harbor we've been bombarded by trendsetters wearing oversized Jackie O sunglasses (does anyone actually think that look is attractive), tiny dresses that I can fit on a Barbie doll and this vacant look in their eyes which somehow sees through everyone around them except the group they are with.

Today, after taking the kids for an incredibly pricey horse back riding lesson, we decided to head over to what one woman suggested would be a great burger joint for the four of us.  What she failed to tell us was that this was pretty much a McDonalds for the McMansion crowd.  Hamburgers were $6.50, fries were $2.50 and they had a jar with a recommended percentage for tips smack in front of the register.  As I watched the place fill up with jet setters, I realized that while these people will never set foot in a Mickey D's or Burger King, this overpriced burger depot is perfect for this crowd.  Oh and did I mention that some guy in the parking lot was carting his pooch around in a baby stroller?  And speaking of dogs, there's this pretentious doggy place in Southampton that has pooch socials where rich people who have more money than they know what to do with, buy outfits and expensive treats for their pets.  I guess I shouldn't poke fun - some of the most famous people on the planet like Oprah and Martha Stewart are dog fanatics - but when I see more activities for dogs then kids I do get a bit ticked off.

Finally, we decided to do one of our favorite things in the Hamptons - a wine tasting.  We pulled into a winery and fought through a crowd of twentysomethings who had pretty much boxed us out of the bar where all the tastings were in full swing.  While I walked outside with the kids, my husband waited patiently for five minutes and after no one offered him a sip of chardonnay, he walk out in a fit of disgust and the rest of us followed him to the car.

Luckily, we found another vineyard which is closer to my parent's house and the moment we walked in, we were met with a smile, the kids were handed tootsie pops and we savored five different wines.  While there was a huge crowd at this winery too, the Jackie O's and singles in designer summer dresses were nowhere in sight.  And so, we enjoyed our wine, bought a few bottles and hit the road.  I guess we'll be avoiding snob hill for the rest of the summer.  

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 05/25/2008


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