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Twitter Tuesday's with "The Talk"

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(Los Angeles Parenting Bloggers meet the ladies of "The Talk"/Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS).

I am so psyched about this Tuesday's Tweet Up topic on "The Talk." Want to know why? Simple! It's a time for all of us to rant about "what stresses you out about the holidays?" Of course, you're welcome to share some of your own solutions during the show. But, sometimes when things are stressing you out you just want to rant to your girlfriends and it makes you feel better (or at least it works for me).

Guests on Tuesday's edition of "The Talk" will offer tips on how to create a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner (don't cook) and Martha Beck will be on hand offering life changing advice on how to de-stress the holidays.

Joining us for "Tweet Up Tuesday" will be "The Talk's" "Mom on the street" Marissa Jaret Winokur who will be the show's official "Mom on the tweet." Marissa will be on hand throughout the show tweeting with viewers about all those things we're annoyed about right now with all this holiday stresss!

You can join in on Facebook or Twitter and if you are itching to get in on the conversation and are like, okay, how do I start? Watch the show at 2pm ET (if you're in another time zone, watch it when it's on the air in your area), go to The Talk and they'll show you how you can join in or if you're a Twitter expert, you can join us on Tweetchat.com and enter #TheTalk. Looking forward to spending the hour bonding over what's bothering us! Make sure you follow @rolemommy @marissajwinokur and @marissatalks and you'll be good to go!

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  • denise newburry

    what stresses me out im laid off for 2 months husband is on ssi. i have to go downsate 4 hrs from home for a drs visit and not one family member invited me for thanksgiving or a place to stay so i have to sleep in my van with lows of 24 degrees out and my daughter and grandsons came up here for a visit and can stay with us in a small house and expect me to pay for everything. but for a few nites put me up no. they have no room and now they have their friends move in. and in the summer my husband has a bad back from a car accident and we always stay in the van cause no one takes us in.oh well i guess no thanksgiving for me this yr.just thankful i got a loving husband. our first thanksgiving apart but with how cold it is outside he cant sleep in the van. wish i could stay at a hotel but that is not cheap esp for a few nites i have to be down for.

  • starla

    I would be so grateful to spend another holiday season with my Mom & Dad & brother in law who all passed away recently & to hear you all stress about "little" things makes me sad. You should be grateful that you don't have anything big to stress about such as watching a family member suffer with cancer.

  • Nicole

    My boyfriend and I just had our first baby. I can NOT wait for the holidays, you know... when's the wedding? To my mother yelling that her new name is nana and NOT grandma. And my all time favorite, my grandpas war stories along with the bickering while the turkey gets cut. And let's not forget, nobody wants to even think about touching aunt pattys corn casserole. This thanksgiving I'm most thankful for making it through this thanksgiving.

  • Irlynda

    What stresses me out is my family! Mom is an alcoholic and the rest of the family drinks alcohol around her by hiding it. Their running joke is waiting to see how long it takes for her to catch on to their "creative drinking." NOT funny!

  • blbarrett07

    What stresses me out at the holidays is getting all my kids around and ready for thanksgiving. I usually do the cooking because the husband does not cook. This year we can afford to do it all. I am not working and we live off his pay only. So we will be going to my parents and now more stressed because they will end up yelling at the kids all the time. Have to be quiet and no making noises. The kids are 6 and 4 and the oldest is 12. I am not ready for Christmas at all either. Can not really get the kids anything like I want too. We will find some money and do what we can at the dollar tree store. Which is normally where I get stocking stuffers only. I am stressed because I need to get back to work but I have filled out so many applications everywhere and nothing. Need to get to work because I blame myself for not helping with bills and all. I need to work my kids need clothes and all. But can not do it.

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