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Things you Can Put On Matzoh

​ It's day 7 of unleavened bread and my kids are at their breaking point.  While trying to think of every variation possible for Matzoh, it's as if my children are suffering from Wonder Bread withdrawal.  On Wednesday, my daughter had a meltdown because I refused to take her to McDonald's - she even swore she'd remove the buns from the cheeseburger she planned to order but I held firm.  Then we went out for Chinese food and the kids asked me all kinds of bread related questions - is there bread in the noodles?  Is there bread in lo mein?  Is the rice okay?  

To be perfectly honest, we've probably already broken the kosher for Passover rules 10 times over but when we're back at the house, it's been all matzoh, all the time.  Some creative and traditional matzoh creations we've cooked up this week include:
Matzoh with cream cheese
Matzoh with peanut butter (we ran out of jelly...aargh)
Matzoh with butter
Matzoh with tuna fish
Matzoh with melted cheddar cheese (from a Weight Watchers packet)
Matzoh Pizza (melted mozzarella and tomato sauce)
Matzoh with chopped liver
Matzoh with cool whip (that would be my son's creation)
Matzoh with gefilte fish and horse radish (you can put the fish on top or use the matzoh as a side dish)
Matzoh brie - an all time favorite that gets old by day 4 (includes 2 matzohs, eggs, milk, water, raisins, sugar or splenda. You can have this like a pie or scrambled.
Matzoh and leftover brisket
Matzoh and leftover turkey
Plain Matzoh
Chocolate covered matzoh

There's plenty ways to serve and enjoy matzoh, but now that we're about to approach the Passover finish line, I say, put the boxes away and see you next seder!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 04/26/2008


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