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I was in Barnes and Noble looking at cookbooks and without missing a beat, my 12 year old daughter assessed my culinary prowess with one telling comment: "Mom, what are we doing in this section? I thought your cookbook was the Zagat guide."

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 07/12/2006


  • Defind benefited


    The God's offensive using corporate America to convert from defined benefit into defined contribution retirement packages helped bring about the economic downturn we experience today.

    Without a majority embracing defined benefit packages the Gods are given the freedom to instruct these preditory monsters at the top to initiate the economic offensive we experience, and instead of having a guarenteed retirterment package, backed by their employer, too many are betting on the market, and during these economic collapes they will all find their golden years evaporate into a blur of God-initiated corruption.

    And although the market has bounced back, as with the 9/11 strategy, decisions were made at the time which has costed many subsequently.

    But this may have just been a warning.

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