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The Witches of Preschool

You know summer is officially over when you take your child back to pre-school and have a run-in with that nasty group of cliquey moms who never give you the time of day - probably because you work and they don't or you're not wearing a new pair of $300 jeans and they are. Whatever the case, it happened this morning when I was dropping off my son's pizza money at the front office and the Witches of Pre-school decided to hang out in the doorway and have a conversation just as I tried to maneuver my way past them. I've known these women for the past year - they've seen me bring my child to class with their little princesses - who are beyond rude but that's a whole other story. I know they know who I am - they've even been to my house for my son's birthday party and yet when I saw them today they did that really annoying, "I don't pretend to see you" routine that makes my blood boil. Sure, I could be confrontational, stare at them point blank and say "Hi, how was your summer," but I'd rather trash them here since it's a lot more fun to share my rant with my girlfriends in cyberspace. I'm sure there will be plenty more posts about the Witches of Preschool since they always seem to piss me off whenever I see them. Stay tuned...one of them invited my son to his daughter's birthday party - if I decide to go, I'm sure I'll have tons of juicy material to report back!

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 09/12/2006


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