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Family Movie Review: The Tooth Fairy

tooth-fairy-poster-0.jpgYesterday afternoon, I took my kids and one of their friends to see "The Tooth Fairy" with Dwayne Johnson. And while I've never really paid attention to why movies are released in January, versus the ones that are released during the summer or closer to the holidays, I now know why. January movies are duds. There, I said it.

Case in point. A few weeks back we were invited to see a screening of "The Spy Next Door," with Jackie Chan. It seemed pretty cute and I thought it would be an enjoyable film for the entire family. I should have known better. Don't get me wrong - my kids loved it. But they also loved "Shark Boy and Lava Girl." Me on the other hand, well, I had a hard time understanding Chan and the evil Russian villains and while the action was great, if they had showed the movie with subtitles, I probably would have enjoyed it more. But this wasn't a foreign film.

All kidding aside, when we were pulling up to the movie theater yesterday to see "The Tooth Fairy" my son chimed in from the back seat - "Can we see "The Spy Next Door" again???" To which I replied, "No way." Somehow I think there's a Spy Next Door DVD in our future with our name on it.

And now for the main attraction. We arrived at the theater pretty early and were the first take our seats. Note to theatergoers - if you enjoy going to the movies and not dealing with crowds, then always hit the movies early in the day. Anyway, we got our popcorn, sat down, watched a ton of previews for family films and decided I'd like to see the following movies in order of popularity:
Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
A Dragon Movie by Dreamworks (forgot the title)

I can't remember the rest because at the precise moment the movie was about to start, three women came charging down the aisle with more than 10 kids under the age of five and they decided to sit down directly behind us. Of course, the theater was completely empty but they opted to take the uncomfortable elevator personal space approach. And to make matters worse, these kids were chatty. And they kicked seats. We must have given them at least half a dozen icy stares before I let out a huge "SSSSHHHHHH" and then my husband blurted "Don't make me come back there."

Back to the movie review. Let's put it this way, if you are comparing Dwayne Johnson's body of film work in order of favorite to least favorite, I believe "The Tooth Fairy" comes in dead center. My favorite film with Johnson is "The Game Plan" - I loved everything about that movie and even cried at the end. Then I saw him in "Escape to Witch Mountain" and pretty much could have done without that viewing. And "The Tooth Fairy," well they have an incredible cast - from Ashley Judd, to Julie Andrews to Billy Crystal and I did enjoy watching them in the film even though some of the dialogue was chock full of cliches.

The gist of the movie is simple - a dream killing hockey player whose nickname is "The Tooth Fairy" because he's known for knocking out people's teeth, tells his girlfriend's daughter that there's no such thing as the tooth fairy and she's crushed. He then gets a summons under his pillow to report for tooth fairy duty and for two weeks he must repent by retrieving teeth under the pillows of unsuspecting kids.

The scenes where Johnson is using all kinds of crazy methods to break into people's houses was quite funny and there is a nice twist at the end that makes the film incredibly corny and endearing at the same time. Anyway - while "The Tooth Fairy" is no Oscar contender, it did get a thumbs up from my family.

To find a theater nearest you, visit my favorite online destination...Moviefone!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 01/31/2010


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