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The Uninvited Guest

I officially had the grossest experience to date in my ongoing quest to be a free wheeling Manhattan entrepreneur. While lunching at Maggie's in midtown with a former colleague, I placed my bag on the floor and didn't think much about that decision as we caught up on lost time. After lunch, I grabbed my bag, slipped it on my shoulder and walked over to my new office near Grand Central Station. While I checked in at security, I looked down into my bag and saw IT peering up at me.
It must have been the size of my hand - okay - it wasn't that huge but all I knew was it was big, brown, with tentacles flaring and it was taking up residence in my monster purse. I'm convinced it was a cockroach, water bug, cricket or some other humongous creature that had pranced into my bag and was creeping on top of my folders, Jenny Craig snacks and my laptop case, searching for something to nibble on.
As the security guard attempted to take my photo so he could print out my temporary ID card, I could hardly speak. I then started wriggling around, trying to figure out how to get rid of the roach. I finally managed to ask the guard for a napkin and he still couldn't understand why I was freaking out until he came around the bend to inspect my bag and saw the creepy crawler ducking for cover. He then handed me a towel and I crushed the thing, like a bug. Wait not like a bug, I actually crushed the bug and handed the towel back to the guard. I then smiled and posed for my picture.
As Cindy Adams says, "Only in New York kids, Only in New York."

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 01/09/2008


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