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Presenting Grandpa Fix-It!

IMG_0142.jpgAbout a month and a half ago I had the great fortune of interviewing make-up artist extraordinaire Bobbi Brown and her dad Joe who had recently published a children's book. What struck me from our conversation was how close it hit to home. You see, Bobbi told me she had surprised her dad on his 70th birthday with a children's book she created for him from stories she had told her family for generations. And then it hit me.

My own dad had written stories and had given them to me about a year and a half ago hoping I'd figure out how we could get them published. As life zipped by, I realized after my conversation with Bobbi and her dad that I had never fulfilled my father's dream and as he too approached his 70th birthday, it was time I got my act together! And so, with less than two months to go, I reached out to an illustrator I knew - who happens to be the wife of a former junior high school friend. After sending over countless photos of my family, she instantly captured the faces of my children, niece my mom and my dad and within two weeks, she had miraculously created all the illustrations we'd need for the story.

From there, I reached out to my publisher at Plain White Press, Julie Trelstad and she agreed to do the layout for the book and after she received the images and had them scanned into her computer, she literally laid out the story within one day.

Next up, we found a publisher who could turn the book into a hardcover edition and then with Julie's help, created a publishing imprint for the Role Mommy brand, assigned an ISBN number for dad's book, and within a few weeks it will be available for sale at Amazon.com. In the meantime, checkout dad's reaction and here him read the story - it's a classic. Without further ado, please enjoy Grandpa Fix-It.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions, TV on 02/21/2010


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