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The Parentville.com Fave Five

New! Fave Five Baby & Toddler Picks from Parentville.com

We have a brand new column starting this week written by Nicole Bohorad. She's a mom to a 19-month old former preemie, a sports marketing executive, mommy blogger/writer and marketing director for Parentville.com, the recommendation network for parents launching this summer.


Her blog, Townhall @ Parentville, collects her thoughts and others' about what's wrong with baby products and how to make them better to meet parents' needs.

Now she is writing her Fave Five Baby & Toddler Picks where she'll sort out the best of what's out there so you don't have to.

You'll want to tune in - so you save time and know what to buy for yourself and others!

Hello and welcome to my new column! I'm focusing my first post on birthdays. These past few weeks, I've been getting more 1st birthday party invitations with summer right around the corner. I've been asking myself, "What should I get as a gift?" even though I have my own daughter to learn from. Sounds crazy, but it's almost as though I forget what kids like -- will other babies like the same stuff my daughter does? So I've created a list of items that works well; and in fact, my daughter loves them! Where appropriate, I've linked the title and image to my recommendation on Parentville, where you can find similar recommendations and search for others.

1) Wooden Sorting Wheel by Galt

This is a non-toxic wheel with six colorful shapes stored inside. Baby can put shapes through sorters on both sides and "lock" shapes by closing the "gate". Then, he can roll the wheel as a rattling toy. My daughter still loves this, plus, she learned her colors and shapes. You can buy this on Amazon.

2) Good Egg by Barney Saltzberg

This book just came out in March, and it uses a very simple premise - an egg that cracks open to reveal a chick. Yet the way the author uses moveable tabs and parts to make the egg come alive is quite clever, and it will keep her amused for a good year! You can buy this on Amazon.

3) Wall Hanging Growth Chart

I just got the last two of these at Papyrus around 21st and Broadway in NYC, so rush to your nearest location to see if they have more (a store exclusive). This is an adorable, reasonably-priced gift. It's made of felt with orange on the side and light blue in the middle and polka dots at the top (sounds boyish, but as long as a girl's room isn't entirely pink, it will look cute). It comes with six felt photo frames (for birthdays 1-6) adorned with characters - duck, giraffed, etc. - that you post at the height for each year.

4) Push Toy Carousel by Moolka

This is a simple, non-toxic European toy company offering fun for when baby starts walking. It has bright colors that whir around when she pushes the wheel (and teaches cause and effect - they go higher when pushed faster). In short, I've gotten great reviews when giving this gift! You can buy this on Amazon.com or Moolka.com.

5) Birthday Banner by Oopsy Daisy

And, for your own birthday party, this is a wonderful item in which to invest (and not too expensive). These reproduced canvas banners have many whimsical and vintage themes that you can customize at a reasonable price - give at least two weeks for delivery - and use again and again! Plus, a portion of the sale goes to national children's charities.

Google the above title and you'll find various designs, many at Rosenberryrooms.com. Here, they also have reproduced canvas artwork that is flat (not stretched over wood) - which I also suggest over baby's changing table so that he cannot knock it off the wall.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Fave Five on 06/07/2009


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