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The Parentville Fave Five - One-of-a-kind Accessories and Gifts!


Parentville has seen some unique small businesses breeze through our doors that offer a special touch for your kids - or someone else's! Check out our Fave Five - a little extra could make you look quite clever!

Pink Chicken

Pink Chicken boutique

Member Life with Pooka alerted us this too-cute store.  Founded by an NYC fashion veteran and Virginia native after the birth of her children, Pink Chicken boutique has a collection with the feel of beach and Summer (they have a store on Amagansett). The online store carries wonderful body suits, PJs, swimsuits, diaper covers, toys!

Atsuyo Et Akiko

Atsuyo Et Akiko Flu String Necklace Charm

Member Grace Kang, owner of Pink Olive Boutique, brought our attention to this boutique, Atsuyo Et Akiko, which carries adorable accessories for kids and moms, including these fanciful necklaces with a brass charm and wool "bead".  Reach out to Grace to ask her to get you one!

Use Parentville10 for a 10% discount through Pink Olive Boutique.

Creations - Kid and Baby Custom Stationery by Jillian Hollmann

Jillian Hollmann Animal Art

Jillian Hollmann is a mom who makes personalized, original stationary and framed wall art for your little one, or someone else's. These special letters have corresponding animal characters for each letter in your child's name. A great baby or shower gift!

Giddy Giddy

Giddy Giddy pouchGiddy Giddy big girl hair clips

Another great store Grace Kang has brought to our attention - Giddy Giddy - and who wouldn't be?  The store carries great girl accessories.  This whimsical handcrafted pouch bag includes recycled fabric, and these barrettes are a conversation piece. Let's not forget that one of founder Teri Dimalanta's goals is to provide a sustainable income for her family in the Philippines, and she helps women around the world gain funding for their own dreams.

Use Parentville10 for a 10% discount through Pink Olive Boutique.

Bump It Up by Amy Tara Koch

Bump It Up by Amy Tara Koch

And finally, thanks to member Pint Size Social, we can be intelligently stylish even before we buy these gifts when junior arrives.  Bump It Up will help you look your best while pregnant without blowing your budget. With style tips from Amy, fashion and beauty editor for iVillage, and famous experts, this book is a must-read the style-conscious mom.

Posted in: Blog, The Parentville Fave Five on 04/19/2010


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