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The Parentville Fave Five - Jumping, Crawling and Walking Babies


Parentville has seen some interesting products for when your babies are ready to start moving.  Check out our Fave Five - a few options for keeping the kids in motion!

Chico Baby Walker


My kids love this walker.  We don’t let them spend too much time in it, but they definitively get excited when they’re able to move quickly on their own.  The “play tray” is also great with a few different settings and easy-to-use features that include sounds, lights, music and buttons.


Juppy Baby Walker



This is a unique training device for kids who are learning to walk.  It saves the parents back (no more bending down for long periods of time) and it keeps the baby standing upright.  Plus the pressure holding up the baby is the natural “pants” fit vs the armpit support area (which forces children to unnaturally walk with their arms up in the air).

Evenflo ExerSaucer SmartSteps


My boys love this ExerSaucer.  They jump up and down and really get excited about being able to play with all buttons, bells and whistles.  This one folds up easily and is simple to put together.  This also has several settings so the height can increase as your child gets taller (and moving the settings up or down is simple.

Letters and Numbers Soft Mat


This mat is great for when your kids start crawling.  It’s not as slippery as a polished wood floor, but not as hard to maneuver through as carpet.  Plus you can buy a few of them and the kids love picking out the letters and numbers and playing with them.  It’s also easily washable and is fairly inexpensive for how large a size you get.  With two of the mats, you can cover most of a room.

Posted in: Blog, The Parentville Fave Five on 05/03/2010


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