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The Parentville Fave Five - Eat, Sleep, Dress, Bite - in style, health and comfort!


Parentville.com has found some wonderful products at the top of their game, several of which we noticed at Pint Size Social's Holiday Social event last week. These all make great holiday gifts, too!

We are also offering a giveaway to win two products that will make you and your toddler feel good -- a VTech Toys Jungle Gym Giraffe and Fuji EnviroMAX eco-friendly battery stash, if you register by Dec. 18!

Stokke Tripp Trapp & Stokke Table Top

Stokke Tripp Trapp

There are no compromises with the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. This Norway-headquartered company prides itself in thinking of the child's needs and development first, and it doesn't miss a detail. As such, it focuses really well in four categories: Sitting, Sleeping, Transport and now a changing table and modular storage, and it creates transitional products that grow with your changing lifestyle. Until 12/31, get the Tripp Trapp and receive a free Table Top!

The Tripp Trapp is ergonomic, stylish, and environmentally-friendly, and fairly easy to put together. In the $250-$280 range, this is well worth every penny.

Your child can sit at the table (it doesn't need a tray!) and take part in the emotion and learning of how to eat and enjoy eating. He can plant his feet on a "floor" that fits his size, and both the seat and floor are adjustable. This is important for growing joints and maintaining posture and spinal alignment. You can choose from a range of wood colors that are easily cleaned, and you can add patterned cushions to match a decor.

Plus, this chair will last a lifetime, saving the environment from waste. With the additional environmentally-friendly baby set seating rail and back plate to support a baby 6 months and older, this chair can go from infant to adulthood (up to 300 lbs.).

The Stokke Table Top is a must for toddlers eating at the table, and it's BPA-free and phthalate-free.

It has a rim that curves upwards to keep silverware in and prevent spills or food from ruining your table. It features suction cups to keep it from sliding, while they are delicate enough for your table.

The best part is that it features six sides of drawings your child can see underneath the Stokke Table Top, each geared to a different stage of learning, ages 6m-8 years.

Besides eating, it's a great place to do art projects that can incorporate these drawings, like play-dough. The Table Top is easily washable but not dishwasher-safe.

Moonlight Slumber

We've mentioned Moonlight Slumber mattresses before, but we have to add them to our list of absolute favorites. The company was started by Terri Paul, a mom of 4 who realized that the standards of medical/hospital mattresses would protect babies by preventing bacteria and germs getting in.

Moonlight Slumber mattresses are ultrasonically sealed with sound waves (radio frequency), and there is no seam or needle holes to collect unwanted dirt.

All are PVC, phthalates and lead free and hypoallergenic, antimicrobial treated (inside and out) and open flame resistant,

There are four different models, and the most luxurious one, Starlight Support Supreme, having extra viscoelastic "memory foam" to support growing joints and spine alignment. All have a non-toxic cover that is waterproof. In the mid $200 range, and with an option to request customized shape to fit different cribs, there's no reason not to get this mattress.

Lil' Swanky clothes

Lil' Swanky

Lil' Swanky is an online-only toddler and kids' clothing store started this year by a mom looking for better fashions. It features classic and youthful as well as funkier and cutting-edge brands, with special attention to unique colors, styles, patterns and details. Whatever you are looking for, from T-shirts, to swimsuits to dresses, if you want it to have a special touch, this is the place to go!

And, until Dec. 15th, you can get 20% off with Code SWANKY.


Tutimnyc Paci Sitter

Tutimnyc makes this Paci Sitter as well as a Toy Sitter, Bottle and Sippy Sitters. They come in a range of 100% machine washable cotton patterns (made in the U.S.) with eco-friendly packaging. They hold the pacifier, toy or bottle in style, and they clip to stroller, bib, car seat to prevent it from dropping or getting lost. They also make Fabuband headbands - colored, flexible, smooth, thin bands that fit toddler or mom and come with a range of pretty appliques.

Blindmice Socks

Blindmice Socks

Blindmice socks for toddler and infants are truly one of a kind. It was founded by two friends who wanted to find socks that actually stayed on their babies' feet. They come in mis-matched patterns so that if you lose one (which we all do!), or are just in a rush, the one you choose will match another in the set. They are made with a "runner's sock" design in mind -- no seams or binding and soft!

Posted in: Blog, The Parentville Fave Five on 12/07/2009


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