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The Parentville Fave Five - Double Strollers - Twice the Fun!


We've looked at single strollers in the past, and thought that it was time for a review of some double-strollers.  Here's a great list of our favorite twin strollers.

Jane PawerTwin


The Jane Powertwin is a "front/back style" twin stroller that is easy to push, and very compact for a double stroller.  It has great maneuverability (rubber, air-filled tires) with hand brake, but it can be challenging to fold up (and is somewhat heavy).  It's a great stroller for city use, but to put this into and out of a car would be difficult. 

Maclaren Twin Triumph

maclaren stroller

The twin triumph is a great, lightweight stroller that is durable and nice looking.  It's a bit expensive for an umbrella stroller, but it will last for a while and Maclaren has a great warranty.  The rain cover is a must because the sunshade doesn't block full fledged rain storms.  It's easy to wheel and is nice that the handles are turned in so that you don't have to stretch your arms out unnaturally wide to wheel it.


Mountain Buggy Urban Double stroller

Mountain Buggy

This MountainBuggy is the go-to for many twin parents in NYC.  It's a big stroller, but lightweight and easy to manuver.  It's the exact size of a standard doorway, so can fit into almost any store, elevator, etc.  It's a bit difficult to fold up and the accessories are expensive, but if you have the room for a large, side-by-side stroller, this should definitely be on your list of ones to review.

Phil and Teds Double

phil and teds

Thanks to Parentville member CamandNoles who writes, this is a "great stroller for two kids of different ages. Do not recommend for urban environments where the kid on the bottom seat is very close to the street – mud puddles, dog poo. Kinda gross. Although, boy do kids love to cruise in that bottom seat! Great for suburban strolling, easily fits in the trunk of a car for trips to the mall, playground, etc."

Double Snap n Go

Double snap

This is the best way to transport twins around at an early age... This stroller is lightweght, folds easily and fits most car seats. It also has a huge storage bin on the bottom (think groceries, diapers, etc) that's very easy to access.  Lastly, it's also inexpensive and pretty durable.  The biggest downside is that once the kids reach about 15 lbs each, it's not very easy to wheel them in this.  

Combi Twin Sport


Thanks to Rowfydad, who writes, "We got this stroller for our 1 and 4 year old in time for a trip to Disney and since then its worked out great. We definitely recommend this to our friends with a couple of minor caveats.  Overall, its sturdy, easily steerable and not extremely heavy. One key thing that we look for on any stroller is how hard it is to collapse (and both parents try it). The great things about this "double wide" is that it collapses to the width of one large stroller. It folds forward and then collapses in. This is huge! We compared to some others and the others were too heavy or bulky for travel or easy use. It has undercarriage fabric trays and pockets behind the overhead covers to carry things.
So what caveats? Nothing major but here are the little things. The overhead covers can't be pulled far down in front of the seats. You cannot use them to shield them from wind or rain and the sun cover is so-so because it stops a little past the head.  Its not a jogger stroller but we've used in a city, suburbs (malls) and travelled on a plane. Overall, its a great double stroller and worth a look." 


If you have recommendations on your favorite cup holders, sun shades or accessories, comment here, or post a recommendation on Parentville!

Posted in: Blog, The Parentville Fave Five on 05/17/2010


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