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The Mac Book Pro

Oh happy day! I have talked about buying a Mac computer for years and yet for some bizarre reason, I've always shied away - perhaps it was the price tag or the fact that it was easier to purchase those Dells, Gateways and Toshiba computers but then when I brought them home and began tooling around with it, somehow the machine became slower and slower with each passing day. Fed up with Internet Explorer and the way it always seems to corrupt my computer, I broke down and decided it was time to bite the bullet and hit the Apple store.
I had a fabulous conversation with one of the sales girls, a graphic designer who showed me the ropes with all the macs and we decided I was a perfect candidate for the MacBook Pro. And then I plunked down my credit card and a few moments later, I had entered the world of the Apple.
I have to admit - it is great fun - attempting to edit video and import music. Plus, I love the keyboard and am totally hooked on the sticky note thingy that helps you remember your to-do list without having to remember where you wrote it down.
So if you've got plans to buy yourself a computer this holiday season, then I say give the Mac Book pro a whirl...let the kids play with your slow computer and you can relish the fact that you have a brand new toy of your own!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 11/25/2007


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