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I admit it. I have absolutely no patience whatsoever. And so, during my morning commute if someone slows me down, I can be a veritable steamroller, with smoke coming out of my ears and everything. This morning, my patience barometer was quite low when I went to drop off my car at the train station and there was some new parking attendant there. I had five minutes to catch my train and there were no spots in the lot to be found. And so, I was about to hand the keys to the valet to park my car - which is what I normally do with the guy who is usually there - and the new guy proceeds to tell me to go pull around and find a spot. "But my train is coming!" I shouted. He pretty much didn't care. Kind of like that post office lady who takes her time selling you stamps and holds up the line for hours because she knows she can. Anyway, exasperated and strapped for time, I angrily got back in my car and squeezed into a spot the size of shoebox.
Fortunately I made the train and had a delightful commute with my Metro North coffee klatch and then made it into Manhattan where I stopped by my usual breakfast joint to pick up an oatmeal and a diet snapple. But for some reason which I cannot understand for the life of me, I wound up on the one line that was the absolute slowest. Kind of like when you're about to go over a bridge and the lane you're in is moving just fine until it comes up to your turn and the bozo in front of you forgets his EZ Pass and screws everyone else up. But I digress. So I get on this line and the cashier is new - which I should have known since I'm always there but I wasn't paying close enough attention. She starts ringing up the guy in front of me and totally screws up the sale. And so, she needs to get the manager to fix her register and at this point, I'm getting antsy. I look to jump to another line and when I do, the lady in front of me is busy placing an order for 10 people in her office. Of course, the line I was just on is now moving, so I try to get back in line again and it of course comes to a complete halt again. What are they taunting me or something???
I finally did get my turn, paid for my overpriced oatmeal which was cold by the time I arrived in my office, and then I started my day. Didn't have any more line troubles after that, but tomorrow is always another day...

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 10/04/2006


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